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Boston Based Solar Energy Startup; SolBid Has Made it Their Mission to Help Schools Provide Better Education to Children

Solar energy startup has made it their mission to help schools provide better education to children through the use of solar energy and its economic and environmental advantages.

    BOSTON, MA, May 11, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Boston based solar energy startup; SolBid has made it their mission to help schools provide better education to children across the U.S. through the use of solar energy, and it's economic and environmental benefits. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to jump start their 'Brighter Classrooms' initiative and get the support of the people to help them select a school for their first solar installation.

SolBid co-founders, Nate Raymond and Ian Ricci, have developed a company that's services have a profound economic and environmental impact, but their mission to create a socially responsible company has led them to the brilliant idea, Brighter Classrooms.

The idea was conceptualized when the two co-founders were mapping out the final iteration of their business model over lunch at Legal Harborside in Boston, when talks of education in the U.S. manifested.

"Ian comes from a family of teachers and I was sharing with him the news of local schools having to layoff teachers in order to stay operational, even well after the recession. I was shocked to hear of this and concerned about the future of my daughters education if this continues" -Nate Raymond, Co-founder.

Educational funding from both federal and state is diminishing across the United States, while costs to educate children are rising. This is causing teacher layoffs, termination of critical programs, increased pupil to teacher ratios, and school closures across the country.

"Because of detrimental budget cuts to education we are taking away critical resources from our children and their teachers are being laid off. These children are our future leaders, and something needs to be done. Schools spend an estimated $8 billion a year in energy costs, the 2nd largest budget item behind personnel. Instead of cutting personnel costs, why aren't we tackling energy costs? Now there's an idea!" -Nate Raymond, Co-Founder

The two men found themselves in a situation where they could make an impact. SolBid's solar solutions harvest energy from the sun to produce electricity, are virtually maintenance free, have an average life span of about 30 years, and can offer a return on their investment in little as 4-5 years. Beyond the economic benefits, solar is also a clean energy source that can help offset the use of damaging fossil fuels that release toxic carbon dioxide and mercury emissions that lead to harmful pollution and climate change.

What better than the use of solar energy on school roofs to reduce operational costs, alleviate budgets and help foster a better education for our children all while saving the environment.

So they have vowed to take their patronage further by creating a business model which includes donating a portion of SolBid's sales revenue for the life of the company to an initiative they are calling, 'Brighter Classrooms'. Through this program SolBid will provide solar energy systems to disadvantaged schools across the U.S. and have them installed by local solar installers, generating yet another positive effect on local economies in the school's surrounding area. The schools in turn will receive up to 30 years' worth of free, zero-emission electricity generated by solar, saving school districts a tremendous amount of money. This will allow schools to funnel more dollars directly towards the education of our children, and potentially save a number of teachers from unwanted layoffs.

The vision of Brighter Classrooms is to free up school budgets and in return helping schools provide a better education for our children while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint and saving the environment.

There are over 120,000 schools in the United States that could greatly benefit from a solar energy system. To support the cause SolBid launched a 45 day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo beginning on Earth Day 2015. The campaign will assist in launching the program and if enough funds are contributed, towards the donation of their first solar energy system to a school in need. Anyone who contributes to the campaign will have the option to nominate their local community and help SolBid select the most deserving school by way of vote for their first installation.

The campaign can be found on Indiegogo at:

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