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Humbleness Makes One Forget Totally One's Own Self Identity to the Extent that One Consciously Feels no Self Importance, Vanity, Ego or Arrogance.

The purest form of humbleness generates the pure self that has no egoistic self image. If only our leaders would wake up to the true nature of humbleness...

    WASHINGTON, DC, June 17, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- An emotionally healthy life is lived in the now; when the brain and mind are both totally engrossed on the job of living a fully focused life, with no distractions whatsoever. When one is focused on one's own self image then one is constantly comparing one's own self worth with others. Comparison invites rivalry, jealousy, hatred, anger, confusion, unhappiness etc. all traits that create distraction from living in the now. These negative feelings generate toxic biochemicals that disable the brain and mind from functioning at their full efficiency.

Humbleness is about being selfless; with no emotionally challenged self image that comes in the way of focusing on living a pure life; enjoying an uninterrupted fully engaged life. Humbleness is about not being concerned with one's own status in society; just concerned with doing one's duties as diligently as possible.

Again humbleness is about having zero self identity. Please consider the life of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve start off with no self identity just their pure selfs. And as long as they have no self identity they are living a life of bliss. Enters Satan and he introduces a phony self identity that alters their self image from being selfless to becoming selfish. At once how they experience and absorb life changes from wisdom to ignorance. From unconscious selflessness to conscious selfishness becomes their way of life. Selfishness brings with it all its attributes; lust for power, greed, jealousy, anger, fear, worry, guilt, restlessness, impatience etc. They go from pure happiness to dejection and frustration. From being their pure self they become their phony self images.

When experts and dictionaries define humbleness as meekness and lowliness; they are asuming that the person is full of himself, feels he is better than others and requires to be humble or is humble. So when people are being asked to be meek it is asumed that they are already emotionally challenged over confident self images. Managing and controlling emotionally challenged brains will always remain a struggle. Look at all the never ending crime and ills of society that are commited by emotionally challenged brains. We need to enlighten and show people how to become emotionally healthy so that their brains can generate pure humbleness.

Instead of getting the emotionally challenged, over confident self image to behave meekly we need to ensure that Americans develop into their pure selves with zero self images; through emotionally healthy upbringing for the young and through brain therapy of the old.

Humbleness is about feeling unconsciously the sheer power/goodness/purity/health/pure-happiness, with all its benefits that having no conscious self identity generates. Humbleness makes one forget totally one's own self identity to the extent that one consciously feels no self importance, vanity, ego or arrogance. The purest form of humbleness generates the pure self that has no egoistic self image.

Humbleness is the key to wisdom- it is the key that President Obama and team must use to make America into an emotionally healthy super power.

If only our leaders would wake up to the true nature of humbleness...

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