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William Speir's New Novel Brings Alive a Young Viking's Struggles to Survive after Being Stranded in Scotland

The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson, a Royal Palm Literary Award finalist for Historical Fiction, is released by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

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    ORLANDO, FL, July 09, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is proud to announce the release of The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson by Award-Winning Author William Speir. The historical novel, full of action, is a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award competition. The story, inspired by the great Norse and Icelandic Sagas, is rooted in history and based on a legend from the author's own family. Readers will be thrilled with Speir's ability to weave a very human tale of the struggles of a stranger in a strange land with the true events taking place in Scotland and Ireland. Vikings Warriors and Berserkers, Scottish Soldiers and Horsemen, Raids and Invasions, the book offers a story line that will appeal to a wide audience.

In the latter half of the ninth century A.D., Asbjorn Thorleikson, a young Norseman, prepares to leave Ireland on his first expedition to Britain. He dreams of glory in battle and returning with tribute from the defeated Britons. But what is supposed to be a chance for Asbjorn to prove himself as a warrior turns into a fight for survival in a strange land.

As the Norse fleet prepares to leave Britain, soldiers from Alba (Scotland) attack. Asbjorn's ship is destroyed and he is captured. When a former Alban captive intervenes to save his life, he is given a choice: live with the Albans and renounce his Norse heritage, or die with the rest of the Norse prisoners. Asbjorn choses to live and is taken back to Alba.

In the years that follow, Asbjorn struggles to adjust to his new home. But when Norse raiders attack his village, he is forced to choose between the life he was born to and the life he accepted when he agreed to live with the Albans.

About the author:

William Speir is a retired management consultant in Central Florida and full-author. He has published two Action-Adventure trilogies and two historical novels. His first historical novel, King's Ransom, was released in May 2015 and won a 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award and was Second Place in the Pre-Published Historical Fiction category. His first Fantasy novel will be released later in 2015. His Action-Adventure books will be re-released beginning in September 2015.

The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson is available in softcover, hardcover, and ebook from Amazon, Barns & Noble, the publisher, online retailers and select stores. Title is available for wholesale discounts to schools, libraries, non-profits, retailers, and vendors through Progressive Rising Phoenix Press or Ingram/LSI.

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