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July 09, 2015

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Taipei Travelers Can Now Find Honest Reviews of the Best Accommodation in Taipei, Taiwan

2015-07-09 | With more than 100 reviews of hotels spread across Taipei, booking the right hotel has never been easier.

Follow Up To Blockbuster Faith Film GOD'S NOT DEAD Wrapping Production This Week

2015-07-09 | Easter 2016, God's Not Dead 2 will have audiences standing unashamedly and firmly in their faith during a time when it seems increasingly unfavorable and divisive to do so in the public square

William Speir's New Novel Brings Alive a Young Viking's Struggles to Survive after Being Stranded in Scotland

2015-07-09 | The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson, a Royal Palm Literary Award finalist for Historical Fiction, is released by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

JW Announces Launch of a Finance Website focusing on Binary Options Trading

2015-07-09 | contains articles and reviews of binary options brokers and the industry news in general.

Ning Umandap Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Land Banking

2015-07-09 | Ms. Umandap works with clients looking to invest in their future through real estate investments

Thomas M. Thayer Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Petro-Chemicals

2015-07-09 | Mr. Thayer aims to expand the company's capacity and region

David W. Chodikoff Recognized for Excellence with Induction into Worldwide Registry

2015-07-09 | Miller Thomson lawyer wins Tax Litigation Lawyer of the Year at 2015 ACQ5 Global Awards

Dr. Robert Rudman Named Top Denver Dentist by 5280 Magazine

2015-07-09 | 2015 marks eighth consecutive year of recognition for Advanced Orthodontic Care founder

Five Star Coffee "Crowdfunds" Single Cup Revolution

2015-07-09 | Entrepreneurial Atlanta company to fill new 100% recyclable single cup design that brews fresh, full flavored 10 oz. cup in Keurig type brewers.

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The Abelson Law Firm Announces Winner of Teen Safety Scholarship Competition Focused on Ending Online Bullying

2015-07-09 | The Washington, D.C., personal injury law firm awarded a $2,500 scholarship to Julia Conley of Columbia, Maryland, for her winning public service announcement video that highlights the problem and calls for an end to cyber bullying.

Dr. Saad Habba Recognized Internationally for Discovering Habba Syndrome

2015-07-09 | Dr. Habba treats patients with a number of stomach issues, including chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain and gallbladder disease

Author Daniel P. Douglas Announces His Debut Science Fiction Conspiracy Thriller, 'Truth Insurrected,' Among Winners at Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Awards

2015-07-09 | Daniel P. Douglas is a multi-genre, award-winning author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes

Odor Masters USA - Launching New Location in Des Moines, IA

2015-07-09 | Odor Masters USA, the nation's only corporate odor elimination vendor services firm is announcing a new location servicing Des Moines, IA metro.

Endur ID Offers the RFID Secur Tag

2015-07-09 | Endur ID is pleased to announce a new addition to our innovative collection of wristband identification products. Endur ID has developed a simple and easy way to add RFID technology to Endur ID's 1'' wide wristband formats.

Event Horizon Marketing Explains How to Use 70% of Your Time Better to Get the Most Out of Every Day

2015-07-09 | With research revealing that entrepreneurs are using 30% of their time to check emails and overall a huge 70% of their time is sub-optimal, Event Horizon Marketing has revealed how to use this time better and produce better results every day.

Find the Best Millennial Candidates Using these Questions says R&R Business Consultants

2015-07-09 | Millennials are the generation born between 1977 and 2000. Currently Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trillion dollars in direct buying power and a huge influence on older generations.

GUIDE: ShinWa Marketing's Tips to Setting Powerful Yet Attainable Goals

2015-07-09 | CEO Yennhi Duong attributes ShinWa Marketing's success to their powerful goal-setting strategy. The firm outlines their top four tips for new businesses and entrepreneurs on how to set powerful and effective goals.

Orlando May Have Dropped in Start-up Activity but EMIE Marketing say that this is No Cause for Concern

2015-07-09 | A new study finds that start-up activity has dropped in Orlando. EMIE Marketing say there is no need to be alarmed. The city's strong position in start-up density encourages optimism among the small business community.

Positive Psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein Releases Free Ebook Sampler Of 'Seven Gateways To Happiness: Freeing Your Enchanted Self'

2015-07-09 | 'Seven Gateways To Happiness' is Dr. Holstein's bestselling inspirational book. The book demonstrates that every woman has a capacity for joy, for elation, a sense of well-being, and ways of making their lives special and meaningful

Red Crown Inc. Discuss Product Placement in Marketing

2015-07-09 | With product placement increasing in presence amongst TV shows and films, direct marketing agency Red Crown Inc. discuss product placement and compare its effectiveness to their tried and tested direct marketing strategies.