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The Plato Group Outline 10 Great Tips to Work Smarter Not Harder

Entrepreneurs often work 18 hour days which can only lead to burn-out. The Plato Group have outlined 10 great tips for working smarter not harder.

    MIAMI, FL, August 29, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Working smarter not harder does not mean that entrepreneurs don't work hard, points out The Plato Group. It just means that they are wiser about where they invest their time and what they choose to do with their time. It is the idea of creating less work for yourself by analysing the situation and approaching it in the best method possible as opposed to rushing in without thinking.

About The Plato Group:

The Plato Group, inspired by an article published on in May last year, has revealed their top tips to working smarter and not harder:

Make a "to don't" list.
"Prepare a list that contains all the things you shouldn't be wasting time on," highlights The Plato Group. This should include: useless tasks, unnecessary meetings, worthless phone calls and so on. Then place this next to your "to do" list and stick to them.

Hone your elevator speech
The Plato Group believes that entrepreneurs should be able to explain who they are, what they do, and why someone could benefit from their unique talents in no more than 30 seconds. Then they should cut their pitch to 15 seconds, practice it and sharpen it. This is an exercise in being honest, concise and interesting.

Establish an opening ritual
Try to always begin the day the same way, even if you are working from home, reveals The Plato Group. An opening ritual will easy your mind, body and soul into the day.

Establish a closing ritual
Know when to stop working. Try to end each work day the same way, too. Finish the day by making a list of what needs to be done tomorrow.

Get used to the three "-ty's"
Ambiguity. Uncertainty. Volatility. "Projects can collapse, money evaporates and customers leave, you have to get over it," says The Plato Group "that's the way it works."

Become a learning machine. Ask questions. Take smart people to lunch. Read and listen to audiobooks. Take classes and go to conferences (these are also great places to network).

Guard your calendar
Make sure your time is focused on your one or two top priorities, highlights The Plato Group. Ask yourself if you are spending time in the right place. Remember you are your calendar, so treat your calendar with respect.

Never say that you can't beat a deadline
Always under promise and over deliver but never say that you can't do something. Just hand your work in early and look like a hero, says The Plato Group.

Be quick. But don't hurry.
You can do a job quickly without rushing it and delivering less than acceptable work, points out The Plato Group.

Respond to calls and emails quickly
Even if the response is "I'll get back to you on this," try to respond to people within 24 hours.

The Plato Group is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Miami. The firm works on behalf of their clients to deliver unique and highly personalized campaigns to consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques. The Plato Group are confident that this one-to-one connection helps to forge long-lasting and personal relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

The Plato Group believes that it is vital to work smarter and not harder as this leaves more time to complete more tasks and always over-achieve. This is vital in the firm's industry as the demand from clients is always rising.

The Plato Group specializes in a personalized form of marketing that is designed to generate quality leads and deliver a high ROI for their clients.

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