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Discover The Hidden Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt - Freemasonic Scientific Author Helps Reveal The Real-life Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Let the mysteries of Egypt lead you on the path of enlightenment.

The kingdom of the Eternal Creator of Spirits dwells not in places built by hands but it is all around you. Break a twig it is there, lift a rock it is there.

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Recitation to Gain Access to the next realm:
Anun-re wep em wawet,
Dua iyiek, dua peretek
Anun-re , wep em wawet,
Wep Duat.

I Hati Imiut Atum also known as Osiris re- incarnated known in Ancient Egypt as the Divine Father God Re or Ra. I have re-emerged in the world to deliver a message for instruction to become homo-spiritus. I have provided to you a portion of a hidden doctrine; knowledge provided to you in book form. This book is called "The Egyptian Creation Story" it has a portion of outformation that soon will continue to grow throughout the world. It is now the time, the new age of Leo has arrived and the process of the hereafter has begun. The chosen ones that will make the trip back to the Duat or celestial abode will have to be born again. Born again of the mental, spiritual, and recover the body to its holiest state; all races have a chance to prove their worthiness. Don't be left behind. This book entails the truth about things of the past and of now. For example, the devil which is one of many called Apophis and his kind will give people a virus called csbf4 which is a tobacco necrosis virus. This virus cause most or all of the cells of body organs to die - The Egyptian Creation Story. This book entails the science of the Mirs -pyramids and the beings that came beyond the stars to manifest as flesh and blood beings. It gives the information about the creation of all life and the story of the first birth, death, and resurrection of the supreme god king. My name that my Earthly mother gave me is William West I Manuel. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Star of David in the sky above marked my birth on this planet. I have been raised in the science of metaphysics and raised as a master freemason and now a member of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Egypt. I have experienced many sacred orders of higher learning and waiting to reach my full potential. I'm a direct descendent of Egyptian pharaohs and the people of Lumeria. I was born with the birth mark of the symbol of the great supreme Egyptian God Re or Ra; which is the symbol of the All Seeing Eye. Learn to accept the universe as it is without the judging eyes of religion, because religion is of the Earthly realm and not of the celestial.

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We teach the hidden mysteries of ancient Egypt and of the universes. All faiths are accepted and all creeds. We teach the fundamentals of creation and the science of the Mirs (pyramids). We teach the universal lessons of caring and the hidden truth beyond the white visible light knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum. We teach of the supreme being of all creation and the tale of his first coming and his last. We teach of the quadity which was before the trinity. We teach the mysteries of GOD, life, death, and the hereafter. We teach of the gods and goddesses that ruled Kemet now called Egypt and how they will return.

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