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Don't Wait...Create! Warns Be Interactive Pty

To help young people realise this and become more proactive, Be Interactive Pty are urging people not to wait, but to create.

    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, January 20, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There is never a perfect time for an individual to follow their dreams as no matter when they strike, they are sure to come up against challenges. Brisbane-based sales and event marketing firm Be Interactive believe that there are two types of people in the world, those who are happy to wait for good things to happen, and those who actively seek out opportunities and create good outcomes. The firm are adamant that for anyone wanting to succeed in business, waiting is never an option and recently spoke about the importance of taking positive action with their contractors.

About Be Interactive:

The differences between those who wait and those who create are vast. Creators refuse to accept failure and can make the best from any situation, and - whilst it is possible for a waiter to find similar levels of success by biding their time - without the urge to act it is almost impossible for them to sustain this success. When a waiter is faced with the prospect of witnessing their previous success fall apart they often blame the world around them, usually seeing themselves as a victim. Whilst it can be tempting to blame failure on external factors doing so often fails to provide any scope for future development as these factors are usually out of a person's control. Creators understand this and although it may be difficult and sometimes painful, creators know that to continue forward it is important to self-assess and look at the part their actions played in a failure so that they can begin to work on changing themselves for the better.

After speaking to their contractors about the differences between waiters and creators and seeing the positive impact this had, Be Interactive Pty were keen to share these differences with as many young professionals as possible, and have outlined the key points below.

Qualities of a Waiter

1) Indecisive - A waiter doesn't have a strong driver pushing them forward and therefore is unsure of what they really want.
2) Always in doubt that good things can happen to them.
3) Not willing to take risks or risk failing - Waiters are unable to see past the initial risk to the potential opportunity.
4) Lacks the courage to play all out.

Qualities of a Creator

1) Knows what they really want - This decisiveness and focus increases motivation.
2) Is committed to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.
3) Willing to take calculated risks, even when the chances of succeeding are low.
4) Refuses to focus on the negative and instead imagines the rewards of a favourable outcome.

In a fast paced, results driven environment such as sales and marketing, being a creator is non-negotiable. Be Interactive Pty offer a range of incentives for when their contractors go above and beyond, and without the drive of a creator an individual will struggle to benefit from these incentives. The firm have also created an exciting business development opportunity through which their contractors can build up the experience and skills necessary to run their own offices in the future. With the journey to business ownership being far from easy, Be Interactive Pty appeal solely for those with a curious and creative mind to take part in the process so that they have a greater shot of success no matter the challenges thrown their way.

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