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Answering Specialists, Inc. Reviews Operator Out-Sourcing Policy

Subtitle: In-house vs. Out-source

That's why all of our operators are U.S. Citizens speaking very good American English.

    SEATTLE, WA, February 03, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With a growing number of call centers outsourcing their calls to overseas countries, Answering Specialists, Inc. (ASI) recently reviewed its policy of handling all calls in-house and not outsourcing calls to overseas destinations.

According to the LA Times*, the Philippines is the call-center capital of the world. With operators being paid monthly salaries that are upwards to more than what many general physicians make in the Philippines, operator jobs are a coveted and in demand position to have. In spite of the generous salary paid to its operators, outsourcing calls to the Philippines is still economically attractive for U.S. companies, including phone answering services. Some phone answering services have gone this route. The question remained as to whether Answering Specialists should follow suite.

Foundationally, ASI operator outsourcing policy is dependent on the linguistics and accents with which the operators answer the phones. "Our clients are companies who do business in North America. The number one concern that repeatedly is stated to us is that of accents: Do the operators that answer the phones have strong accents?" stated Tim Harlan, CEO and President of Answering Specialists. Mr. Harlan continued, "There is a general frustration out there with companies that utilize phone operators that speak with accents hard to understand. Our policy is guided by that concern and therefore we don't outsource calls overseas. We make sure that the operators that answer our clients' calls are easy to understand. That's why all of our operators are U.S. Citizens speaking very good American English."

Recognizing that accents can vary between the southern and northern states, ASI has had to carefully position itself to cater to all companies, both north and south. It has been able to do so successfully by only hiring operators with neutral accents. "One customer told me that accents are everything. If his customers can't understand the operator, he could lose sales. On the other hand, if his customer clearly understands and is clearly understood, it could result in a sale that will more than pay for the phone answering service," commented Amy Cowley, ASI Sales Associate.

Answering Specialists, Inc. is a telephone answering service company specializing in customized, True-Live, professional phone answering services to health care providers, the legal community, HVAC, construction, and many other industries that utilize off-site live phone receptionists. More information regarding Answering Specialists can be found at or by calling Olaf Betat, Public Relations Officer, at 1-866-503-7025.


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