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Genesis Business Partnership: Asks Are You Switching off?

With the journey to success growing ever more competitive, complex and stressful, Australian sales and marketing firm Genesis Business Partnership shares why all professionals need to put switching off on the top of their 'to do' lists.

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, May 11, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There have been many claims that life in the modern world is becoming increasingly stressful. However, thanks to recent research conducted by corporate psychology firm AccessEAP, it has now been proven that today's professionals are subjected to a higher rate of stress and anxiety than previous generations. The study of working adults in Australia found that 40% of people aged between 16 and 35, and 30% of those over 35 list anxiety as their biggest barrier in achieving greater success in the workplace.

About Genesis Business Partnership:

Genesis Business Partnership, a Melbourne-based sales and event marketing firm believes that one of the main triggers of this increasing anxiety is that many professionals are unable to switch off and take a step back from their working lives. "We now live in an age of around the clock availability thanks to smart phones and mobile technology. However people are so focused on putting the hours in that they are neglecting their mental well-being and this is having a nationwide impact on productivity and performance," stated a spokesperson from Genesis Business Partnership.

Whilst many people may believe they are actually getting more done by working longer hours and staying connected, this practice is actually detrimental to success. It increases tiredness which can impact cognitive function and lead to poor decisions. It also pushes people to multitask and split their time and focus between activities which reduces the quality of work being produced.

To help people embrace the idea of switching off and encourage greater mental well-being, Genesis Business Partnership has shared the following tips.

Switch off your phone for at least one hour a day
Step away from the phone! All professionals should give themselves at least one hour free of mobile usage and do something relaxing that can focus the mind instead; such as taking a walk, reading a book or having a long bath. This will prevent them from checking emails and accidentally falling into the trap of performing work tasks outside of work hours.

Know when to call it a night
When a professional is doing something they are passionate about it can be difficult to assess the point in which they are over working. To avoid this, professionals should have a set time in the evening that they will, under no circumstance perform work tasks after.

Whilst many people may find meditation a little 'new age' for their tastes, it has been proven to reduce stress and make way for clearer thinking. Unsurprisingly meditation is gaining popularity among young business professionals, and there is a wide range of short exercises and regimes that can be practiced at home.

Genesis Business Partnership is always looking out for their contractors' mental well-being and have dedicated a vast amount of time to creating a positive work environment. To ensure their contractors have enough opportunities to unwind and eliminate stress, the firm organises regular social events and team building activities that help maintain internal relationships and exercise focus.

Based in Melbourne, Genesis Business Partnership is a leading force within the outsourced sales and marketing sector and deliver innovative face-to-face campaigns directly to consumers on their clients' behalf. These campaigns focus on building and retaining strong customer relationships through personalised interactions, which secure strong market penetration and an increased ROI.

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