All Press Releases for July 22, 2016

A New Dawn for Binary Options Brokerage Houses

With the markets trembling after the rise and fall of Binary Options houses, and traders quivering about their future, we unveil the solution to all problems - an industry-changing compact technology; the future of Binary Options

With acquisition and retention costs higher than ever before, it's no wonder that brokerage houses are struggling to survive; so it is vital to put a cost-cutting initiative in place.

    LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, July 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Did you know that the cost of acquisition for a binary options broker is approximately $700 including the cost of human resources in sales and customer support staff, as well as marketing and day-to-day expenses?

With acquisition and retention costs higher than ever before, it's no wonder that brokerage houses are struggling to survive; so it is vital to put a cost-cutting initiative in place.

Recognizing the needs of the market, and with the aim to help out brokers, O-systems, a leading Binary Options platform and software provider, have designed OSYPRO; a game-changing, cost-cutting technology in the market, which is set to flip the binary options world upside down.

But what is this victorious technology that is causing a bang in the market?


OSYSPRO is the only fully automated binary options trading platform available to brokers, enabling them to move safely and, more importantly, PROFITABLY in the future. Utilizing this platform, allows for optimum efficiency, making trades faster and easier than ever.

Automation utilizes a system in order to minimize, or even eliminate, the need for human interference in completing a task; in turn, increasing production and reducing costs.

With hundreds of binary brokers competing for the attention of the same traders, distinguishing features is of paramount importance. OSYSPRO has been designed to help brokers revolutionize their approach to traders with a personalized, tailored and hassle-free binary options trading experience, whilst minimizing costs.

Prolonging and resurrecting 'dead leads' using automation is something that a lot of brokers have been looking into. But now they can stop looking, because OSYSPRO has finally come to the rescue.

No longer do you need to waste countless hours and expenses relying on a sales team to achieve success. With an automated platform, all the hard work is done for you - automatically.

OSYSPRO revolutionizes automation:

1. Extended outreach and minimal costs - one sales person can engage with thousands.
2. Unique and innovative features - faster and easier conversion and retention.
3. Forget the usual limitations of the traditional binary trading methods - no more numerous sales-desks, no large office space.

And if that isn't enough, OSYSPRO also offers a Freemium Conversion Model, which is a fully-automated first time deposit (FTD) process complete with a $35 non-deposit bonus, so that your clients can start taking advantage of the platform straight away. No long lists of phone numbers, no never-ending, pushy calls; just simple, instantaneous trading.

Offering this to your clients will help see your conversion rates soar, without you having to spend large amounts on marketing the product in order to increase performance.

We all know how traditional binary trading methods can be extremely time-consuming and costly, and success is often dependent on a number of factors; such as sales desks, constant phone calls - and to put it simply, money-wasting processes.

So it comes down to one question. Would you rather spend time and money on making sure your sales team is bringing in the success you need; or spend more time, and less money, focusing on creating a personal, tailored connection with your client?

The answer is simple. An automated platform.

That is why OSYSPRO has developed this game-changing automated platform, allowing for optimum efficiency, with lower costs, and higher exposure - so you can worry more about the things that really matter. Aiming to provide brokers with a one-stop-shop for trading on an automated platform, OSYSPRO offers a unique and tailored trading environment, alongside unbeatable marketing to aid in attracting new clients.

Joining the ever-growing Binary Options world can certainly be daunting; but with an automated platform it couldn't be easier, whether you are an existing broker, a white label or an entrepreneur.

O-SYSTEMS is a leading binary options platforms and software provider, thriving in bringing together success with a satisfied clientele.

The staff consists of professionals and experts of the financial arena; traders, dealers, trading room managers and more. With their knowledge and background O-Systems can brag about providing their clients with the most advanced, user-friendly and innovative Binary Options platforms and marketing tools. O-Systems offers a wide range of high-end brokerage services to brokers and dealers worldwide and in return the can watch their services transformed into genuine client satisfaction.

At O-Systems establishing and developing a strong relationship with our clients is what we value more and we believe that our products and services are the tools to achieving this.

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