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Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Susan Eustis as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

Susan Eustis was recently featured on the front cover of the 17th Edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine and will soon be featured in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs, Top 10 of 2016, and Top 10 Authors editions.

    LEXINGTON, MA, August 31, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Susan Eustis, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of WinerGreen Research, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Susan Eustis was recently featured on the front cover of the 17th Edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine and will soon be featured in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs, Top 10 of 2016, and Top 10 Authors editions.

Co-Founder, President, and CEO of WinterGreen Research Susan Eustis has been making great strides in market research by providing customers with efficient usage of technology by providing detailed and thorough descriptions as to how to grow a business. Conducting research for software, communication, internet, healthcare, and energy studies, Eustis is also Author of the popular studies on Application Integration Markets, Top Ten Telecommunication Companies, Worldwide Telecommunication Equipment, Internet Equipment, Web Services, Web Hosting, and more.

"We, at WinterGreen Presearch, feel that by describing how different companies are making a market for themselves, we can help everyone in that market segment. It's the granular details that are significant, not some synopsis that can be put in a chart," Eustis said. "What really makes a difference is how companies express a response to a particular problem and the problems they seek with their product set."

Currently working on 18 different studies on robots, Eustis said that they will represent the next wave of the automated process and will take away many existing jobs due their efficiency. She's even starting a website, 'WinterGreenCOE', with modules, called 'Centers of Excellence' that will show where these new jobs are coming from.

With a strong career in sales and with small children to raise, Eustis ventured into writing in 1985, Eustis fell in love with the research and found a way to use her skills and expertise through WinterGreenResearch.

"Market research is an industry that I understand very well and enjoy," she noted. "The software and hardware in the telecommunications, healthcare, energy, renewable energy, and drone applications greatly inspires me. I typically see trends two years before everyone else; it's a very interesting field."

Eustis began her career in the 1960s selling voting machine, writing election law, running a union election business, and running the first electronic voting machine company (she invented the first electronic voting machine). Early in her career, she was profiled in 'People' magazine and 'The New York Times' for her work, gave many interviews, and spoke at numerous events in her area of expertise.

While Eustis continues to write for WinterGreen, her son runs the company, oversees funds, pays the taxes, organizes the contracting for the distribution network, controls the website, and manages daily operations.

Eustis recently founded a publishing company, Lexington Books, where her first two books will be featured, 'Consumer Oxygen' and 'Voting Machine Audit Trails'. 'Consumer Oxygen' describes new, one-pound oxygen concentrators that people take with them to the gym and use to increase endurance, and 'Voting Machine Audit Trails', which describes innovation needed to address the vulnerabilities of the current vote counting systems that can be hacked without detection and calls for more systematic vote counting accuracy and security. Other books in the Lexington Book series will include 'Job Notion', which will discuss how people can become more educated using apps that are tied to games and thereby can help people find jobs in industries that are growing, rather than shrinking, and 'Profile of Elizabeth Warren', a portrait of the intellectual leader who embraces the ideas centered around creating a more fair base for taxation, looking at the issues, and seeking to develop a way to tax the wealthy at the same rate as the middle class.

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