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YourMembership First to Market with Innovative B2B and B2C Programmatic Advertising to Future-Proof Non-Dues Revenue for Associations

New YM offering allows advertisers to target digital ads at association members across the entire web and in social media channels, delivering unparalleled ad conversion rates.

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL, September 05, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- YourMembership (YM), a leading cloud-based software provider for associations and member-based organizations worldwide, today announced the immediate availability of a programmatic advertising program that's first to market for associations and organizations. Advertisers can now reach coveted association members through sophisticated display ad campaigns running on more than 100 ad exchanges across the entire web. Advertisers pay associations to run these campaigns--distributed by YourMembership using real-time bidding techniques--so they are seen by associations' members as they navigate over tens of thousands of websites and social media feeds.

Using programmatic advertising, associations can access vast new sources of non-dues revenue. The quality and targeted nature of association member data provides advertisers with higher converting campaigns relative to other advertising channels they use today. The strong ROI for advertisers results in recurring media buys and ongoing campaigns that generate significant new revenue for the associations and leaves advertisers with more clicks and leads per ad dollar spent.

YM's unique digital marketing product for association advertisers--which is sold by either YM's dedicated sales team or the association's sales teams--capitalizes on the growth and opportunity within the programmatic ad industry and empowers associations to ride the wave of the future to increase non-dues revenue. Indeed, nearly 70 percent of all display ads will be purchased programmatically, according to eMarketer; while 87 percent of advertisers and marketers are seeing greater returns through programmatic advertising compared to traditional media buying, according to a recent report published by AdWeek.

"Non-dues revenue has become increasingly important during the past decade as associations realize they must diversify revenue streams," said JP Guilbault, CEO of YourMembership. "At the same time, advertising methods, technology and personalized demographic factors are changing the ways both advertisers and members find and exchange services. With the ability to outperform traditional ad retargeting methods, showing ads to members across thousands of credible sites, our programmatic advertising provides innovative and unmatched value to advertisers and allows associations to capture a much larger share of marketing budgets from advertisers and ad agencies. That substantially adds to an association's non-dues revenue, contributing to significant organizational growth."

Working with associations and YM, advertisers will have:
• Access to a niche member audience with no access to personally identifiable information (PII).
• Real-time visibility into campaign performances through a secure portal showing impressions, clicks, costs and analytics.
• Optimized budgets based on rules and real-time bidding.

American Marketing Association (AMA), the largest marketing association in the world, is an initial user of YM's programmatic advertising. "The AMA is always looking at opportunities to maximize our revenue and profitability," said Barbara Grobicki, Chief Alliance Officer of the AMA. "The YourMembership platform allows us to see exactly how our campaigns are planned, executed and performing, and deliver measurable value to our advertisers and sponsors."

"YM's programmatic advertising program is a game changer for both b-to-b advertisers and associations, particularly those looking to offset pressure on traditional ad revenue," said Tristan Jordan, SVP and GM of Revenue Solutions at YourMembership. "Unlike other retargeting methods, which bid on ad placement based on a site visitor's prior web activity, we ensure that ads are displayed only to association members that meet the exact buying profile that the advertiser wants to reach. Distribution of these targeted ads results in a much higher lead conversion rate for each ad impression."

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