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This Fitness Bar Is Pulling Away from the Competition- Literally!

It may look like an ordinary fitness bar, but don't be fooled. This workout bar is intentionally made to be pulled apart to give you the best workout anywhere.

"My phone book ripping grandpa inspired my fitness invention."

    CLARK, NJ, September 07, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nowadays, there are so many enticing classes at the gym. Not to mention all the hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment you have at your disposal. However, it is hard to get time away from your busy schedule to get a complete workout. Especially after you factor in the driving time to get there.

And home workouts can be a good alternative except that most at-home workout equipment fall into the spectrum of big and pricey, or compact yet ineffective.

That is until now.

Tension Toner is the newest innovation in fitness. And truthfully it's a very weird concept when you first hear about it.

Pull a fitness bar apart. Huh? Is that even possible.

Yes, and it's fascinating how it works.

There are TWO DIRECTIONS of resistance: the resistance band that is IN THE BAR and the resistance bands or cable machines that you CLIP ONTO the bar.

The objective is to pull the bars apart so that the webbing flattens.

Keep the center webbing flat while you exercise. This ensures that your muscles are always working and burning calories!

There are 2 reasons why this unique "pull method" enhances your workout.

1) Since you have to keep the webbing flat and tight, it provides immediate feedback on whether your form is correct.

If the weight is too heavy, you will not be able to keep the webbing flat and tight during the exercise.

Also, in order to keep the webbing flat, you have to control the movement. This stops you from "cheating" and swinging your body to move the weight.

2) The second reason why it enhances your workout is that there is resistance when you pull the bars. Resistance in the bar itself activates your muscles in a different way.

"My phone book ripping grandpa inspired my invention," says Joe.

"My grandpa was a workout-lover himself and showed me some exercise techniques using just a towel."

It had been quite effective in spite of the fact that a towel gave you no feedback that would tell you if you were pulling it hard enough. Also, there was no way to raise the difficulty level of the exercise.

This inspired the design of Joe's Tension Toner. He started thinking, "Well, what if there was a device that had two directions of resistance--one from pulling an exercise bar apart, and the other direction of resistance coming from resistance bands or cable machines."

And from that point forward, he set out to make the ultimate resistance workout gear- Tension Toner.

So whether you're an at home exerciser, a gym rat, or somewhere in between, this product pays for itself just by the different way it activates your muscles! As it's been said, it's best to mix up your routines to keep your results from plateauing.

Tension Toner is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and is offering a pretty sweet deal for those who pre-order now.

Tension Toner prides itself on out of the box thinking to enhance exercises. Tension Toner provides fitness solution for the fitness industry that is used by consumers, fitness instructors, and phsycial therapists. For more information, visit

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