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Paragon Worldwide: Are You the Underdog?

Sales and marketing firm Paragon Worldwide have recently been talking to their young workforce on the benefits of being the underdog, and how this title can help professionals to thrive even in the most competitive of environments.

    CORK, IRELAND, September 24, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Being an underdog is too often thought of as a negative thing. The definition of 'underdog' is 'a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest' or 'a person who has little status in society.' Neither of these scenarios are particularly favourable in the business environment and suggest that an individual with the underdog title has little chance of building a successful career. However, sales and marketing firm Paragon Worldwide believe that being called an underdog can actually be beneficial to a professional, and if utilised correctly can propel them towards great success.

About Paragon Worldwide:

Paragon Worldwide are confident that being called an underdog can push a person to rise up and prove others wrong. It can be a huge motivator and inspire instant, targeted action. For those pursuing entrepreneurship, the firm believes the underdog title has a number of benefits that can help create a bright future in business.

Being an Underdog Gives a Person Freedom
When nothing of value is expected from them, professionals have the opportunity and freedom to do things how they want and make a real impact. From this freedom, they are able to develop a legacy through their own business practices.

Being an Underdog Creates More Opportunities
Whilst others may be looking at more established competitors, underdogs have the unique advantage of being able to sneak under the radar and work on new innovative ideas without being 'watched'. This means they are able to strike when the iron is hot and use the element of surprise to build a great reputation within their industry.

Victories Are Sweeter for Underdogs
When a professional is an underdog, they often spend a lot of time failing. Those that persevere will always triumph and this means every victory feels even more precious. The smallest step feels like a gigantic leap and fuels them on.

Paragon Worldwide believe that no one should let others put limits or labels on them and that everyone is in charge of their own futures. This means that, underdog or not, every professional has the power to rise up and follow their dreams. The firm help young professionals, regardless of their background or experience to create brighter futures within the sales and marketing industry. The firm does this by offering a range of optional skills workshops, mentor and travel opportunities and leadership advice.

Based in Cork, Paragon Worldwide is leading provider of outsourced sales and direct marketing solutions. The firm's strategies focus on creating a positive customer experience through face-to-face communication, which drives customer engagement, brand loyalty and overall sales for their clients.

Paragon Worldwide deliver high quality marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients' brands. For more information Follow @ParagonWorldW on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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