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Welcome edgar, Your Air Butler: Revolutionary Worldwide Technology Outdates Other Competitors

New patented Technology outperforms leader's "heat and cool air purifier" system and all others.

    NEW YORK, NY, December 01, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- New patented Technology outperforms leader's "heat and cool air purifier" system and all others.

Just like other competitors, edgar is a 3-in-1 device that takes care of your air. It heats or cools, while purifying your air, but edgar is a real game changer:

1- Its heater does NOT pollute. Most people do not know that ALL heaters pollute. They do.
2- Its heater is the most energy-efficient technology in the world. That means dramatically lower electricity bills.
3- It purifies your air close to perfection (99%), combining filtration and sanitizing.


- Hybrid Alumina Ceramic Technology (HACT) is a super boosted Alumina Ceramic heater able to heat a room with unprecedented results.
- Alumina Ceramic is naturally a very healthy, highly human-compatible material. This is why researchers across industries put a lot of effort to explore ways to leverage its unique qualities.It has been used for years for implants in the body, and kitchen appliances (doesn't oxidize food= cooks without burning)
- Contrary to other heaters, NO oxygen is involved in creating heat, therefore no release of toxic substances or emissions (CO/carbon monoxide, CO2/carbon dioxide), no smell, just clean heat.
- Alumina has a 98+% heat efficiency grade, far above PTCs (63%), and Irons (88%). This means close to no heat-loss and a 35% less electricity consumption.
- Humidity in the Air is protected. It is even producing a little bit of HO2. (no dry sinuses, no need for a humidifier)
- Smart air circulation design allows to begin producing warm air right away (4-5 seconds while regular heaters take 40 seconds to 1 minute)
- Far infrareds combined with the soft air blow makes it a very soothing and comfortable heat.
- Worldwide patents #2005-0015219, #1132694

At all times, regardless of the heat/cool mode:
- HEPA and carbon filters are cleaning the air
- Infrared lights are sanitizing it
- Result: 99% riddance of viruses, bacteria, dust...

- Portable
- Outdoor uses: patios, camping...
- Safe heat will not burn
- Childproof key lock
- Auto-shutdown when tilted or accidently covered.
- Remote, Discreet size: H: 12.6" x W: 13" x D: 11", Beautiful white
- Ready to go with its first HEPA filter

WHY "edgar, Your Air Butler"?
edgar is the first of a new type of truly "all year-round" Aircaretakers. He takes care of your air, exactly the way you like it, warm or cool, but always pure. He is more than a "thing", he cares. We designed him for that. (Further generations will prove that point even further).

Visit our on-line platform to learn more and shop and watch our commercial:

Mr. You is a worldwide expert in semiconductors and ceramics, with over 30 patents under his belt. He has dedicated his entire life to harness Ceramics super heat conductivity nature. Until now, no one had found a way to boost its heating power so that it can heat a space. Mr. You did it. It took him 8 years to develop the Hybrid Alumina Ceramic Technology (patented in 2013). In Winter 2015, he launched his very first heater in Korea - sold out in 3 months.

For tech. experts or other curious minds: Watch Mr. You's video explaining the different existing technologies and the gap with HACT:

Edgar is distributed by COCCO US, the US base of COCCO Korea.

Mr. Kim, President US and Mr. You, President Korea have been long term partners and share a common passion for bringing innovations that change the name of the game. Their other major current endeavor is in the area of hair beauty.

For us breathing pure air is just as important as drinking pure water. So, our mission is to make pure air as accessible as possible to as many people as possible so that we all can live with pure air.

- Pure Air starts at $395 for a 800W; $470 for a 1200W; $545 (introductory prices). Additional discounts if you purchase several Air Butlers.
- Exclusive Program for schools: [email protected]
- For Offices or orders superior to 10: [email protected]
- For gifts: [email protected] to add a note to your loved one!

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CONTACT INFO: Veronique Gautier, [email protected]. +1 917 434 6149

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Edgar, Your Air Butler!


Meet Mr. You, the brilliant mind behind the Pure Air Revolution!