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Event!t Pty - Are These 3 Insecurities Impacting Your Leadership Potential?

Sydney-based event marketing specialists, Event!t Pty, have been discussing workplace insecurities and the impact they can have on leaders and their teams.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, March 20, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Having made waves on Australia's East Coast, personalised marketing pioneers Event!t Pty credit their success to good communication and their honest and open attitude to normal workplace pressures. The company are wary of the negative impact insecurities can have on both the leader and their team members, and make a conscious and consistent effort to discuss these issues openly.

About Event!t Pty:

"It is important not to suppress any insecurities you may be experiencing at work", a spokesperson for the company expressed, "Instead we must face them, establishing the cause and knocking them on the head before they can develop and consequently affect other people."

It has been proven that most leaders who treat their staff with contempt in the workplace, whether this is in a demanding or demoralising manner, are suppressing insecurities. Developing bad behaviours is a typical result of harbouring insecure feelings, and Event!t Pty is aware of this. "We believe there are common insecurities that can trouble all professionals at some point in their careers, regardless of their ranking."

To make sure new leaders don't fall victim to becoming the insecure boss Event!t Pty has researched three common workplace insecurities, and how to overcome them:


Comparing themselves to co-workers is a slippery slope for new leaders. Being intimidated by talented colleagues can result in a lack of confidence and cause a leader to convince themselves others are more talented than they are. The important thing for leaders to remember is that everyone brings something different to the table and benchmarking themselves against the people around them will only result in insecurities, doubting their own ability and consequently stunting their progress. Instead, leaders should try and celebrate differing talents and skill-sets, everyone offers something unique, and their expertise is no less valuable than their co-workers.


Another common insecurity which can play on the mind of many professionals' is whether their income accurately reflects the amount of effort they put in. A competitive spirit within the workplace can be healthy, but if it begins to get in the way of a leader's productivity and they find themselves suspecting their competitor's salary is more than their own, it could result in feelings of insecurity. If a co-worker's salary is making a leader feel inadequate, they should remember to instead focus their energy on qualifying themselves for a raise.


Feeling 'under qualified' for a position is something a lot of professionals experience, especially if the role is the first of its kind, having entered a new profession entirely. It is important for leaders to remember their ability and previous successes; after all, if they were not capable they wouldn't have landed the job in the first place! Updating their skillset and pro-actively building qualifications through online courses or workshops can be encouraging for a leader and create a feeling of being better equipped for the position and tasks at hand.

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