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Eventit Investigate Why People Procrastinate

Everyone is guilty of it at some level; however for chronic procrastinators, putting tasks off is significantly impacting their potential. Eventit has, therefore, launched an investigation into the reasons people procrastinate.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, April 10, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Procrastination is 'the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be fulfilled'. It involves choosing to do more enjoyable tasks over less pleasant ones, or doing less important things over urgent things, or putting off doing something until a later time. Procrastination is extremely common; everyone puts things off at some point in their life.

About Eventit:

Eventit state that even though procrastination is common, in a competitive business environment, procrastination can stop a person from fulfilling their potential and cause significant damage to their success.

Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University found that as many as 20% of people may be chronic procrastinators. And that progress with technology has made it easier to procrastinate. The more a person knows about why they procrastinate, then the easier it is to overcome. As part of recent research, sales and marketing firm Eventit, outline four main reasons why people procrastinate.

1. The fear of failing - the more a person fears the consequence of failing, the more they are likely to put off doing the task that may lead to this failure. If a person doesn't try, then they can't fail, so procrastination is seen as comforting when failure is feared.

2. Excessive perfectionism - when a person has an ingrained perfectionist mindset, they may picture the end result as something that is beyond what is reasonably expected to do. Therefore doing nothing is better than not being able to do something to a perfect standard.

3. A lack of energy - a person with low energy levels will not feel like doing anything at all. Productive people generally live a healthier lifestyle than those who procrastinate.

4. A lack of focus - this causes a person to procrastinate because they are unable to see an 'end point'. If a person has a goal they need to achieve, they are less likely to procrastinate, because that will only result in them taking longer to reach the goal.

Through regular workshops and daily meeting, Eventit is helping their employees and sales contractors to overcome procrastination. By being able to identify the main causes, the firm can work with individuals to set out personalised action plans to overcome particular causes.

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