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ID4Africa's Campaign for Access to Identification and Full Citizenship

A preview of the 2017 meeting of ID4Africa, a movement devoted to expanding access to effective identification systems across Africa.

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Why is Identification Essential for Daily Life and Full Citizenship?

For Africans, the question of how to securely establish one's identity is a very serious matter. This becomes evident when we look, for example, at the daily problems that Nubians in Kenya face when they try to acquire identity cards or passports. Without basic identification documents, they often find themselves without access to important and basic official transactions such as voting or opening bank accounts. Moreover, Africans who lack the means to prove their identities by use of proper documentation are significantly more likely to be arrested or even to become victims of police violence. These problems clearly show that identification is essential for full citizenship. But how can they be solved? How can access to effective identification documents and systems be improved and expanded across Africa? This is where the ID4Africa movement comes in.

The 2017 Meeting of ID4Africa

ID4Africa is a multi-stakeholder movement that campaigns for access to modern digital identity systems across Africa. The central goal is to use these digital identity systems to nurture and inspire social and economic development in Africa. Transparent and effective identity systems can drastically improve African populations' ability to exercise their rights and to share in the fruits of social and economic development.

The 2017 ID4Africa event will examine how access to digital identity systems can best be supported in ways that will underpin socio-economic growth in Africa. The meeting will facilitate interaction between four principal stakeholders: citizens and authorities in African states, international development agencies, specialist companies, and domain experts. Those attending the event have the opportunity to meet with other interested parties as they address questions surrounding the vital need for digital identity systems. The ID4Africa meeting will also offer a major Expo that will bring together cutting-edge providers of digital identity technologies and related products and knowledge.

NIP Global and ID4Africa

Among participants is NIP Global, which will take an active part in the event, as it has in previous years. Since 1994 NIP Global has been setting high standards in the implementation of advanced civil registration IT solutions. As part of its Social Corporate Responsibility strategy, NIP has also been using its technological know-how to benefit the societies they work with. In March 2017, for instance, the company cooperated with local leaders and healthcare providers to open an advanced medical imaging center at the Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital, Madagascar's largest public hospital. This imaging center will be accessible to all and will greatly facilitate the early detection of breast cancer. NIP also has extensive experience of how to address the logistical problems that confront authorities as they create, oversee and enhance digital registration systems for their citizens. They offer web-based systems for collecting demographic information, for recording marriage and divorce, and for documenting births and deaths. These solutions make it possible to improve the efficacy of the essential data collection.

More information about NIP Global is available here:

The 2017 ID4Africa event will be held on April 26-27 in Windhoek, Namibia.

NiP Global has over two decades of experience in advanced civil registry IT solutions. Since 1994 NiP has been at the forefront of population registration and governmental management systems servicing public and private sector clients to assist in the implementation of complex IT systems. NiP is a global group that forms long-term partnerships with governments and organizations to implement and support their systems with integrity and service excellence.

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