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Credico South Africa Asks Whether Sales Companies Really Know how to Manage their Teams

Credico South Africa has many years of experience in what it takes to build a successful sales team. The agency recently launched an investigation into whether today's sales companies are managing their teams in the right way.

    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, April 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- 'Being a good sales manager is integral to maintaining high performance' stated a spokesperson from Credico South Africa last week. In the statement, the firm confirmed that throughout the month of April they have been investigating how sales companies are managing their sales teams, and the strategies companies are implementing to keep their sales people happy. 'Sales is a fast paced environment, so striking the right balance where people feel motivated and happy, yet are still being challenged and encouraged to be better is critical.'

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Often when it comes to sales, sales managers are so focused on metrics and hard deadlines that the happiness of their sales teams can suffer. Credico South Africa believes that while this is not a conscious decision, sales managers who are preoccupied with numbers are running the risk of poor performance and a high employee turnover, as a result of their teams feeling undervalued.

During their investigation into maintaining sales teams, Credico South Africa spoke to a number of independent sales companies to gauge how they are managing their workforce in high-pressure environments. The resounding consensus from these businesses was that offering ongoing mentoring and training is key to employee happiness. Regular coaching helps to keep a team productive, more confident and better skilled in performing in the field. 'people need a reason to invest their time and effort, providing ongoing training opportunities shows people they are valued and allows them to build their own sustainable, long-term success.' stated Credico South Africa.

Creating a positive company culture was also found to be a core influencer in team happiness. Sales managers that create an environment that encourages confidence and success, where individual achievements are celebrated and where people have the freedom to work more flexibly are more likely to see team morale soar. Credico South Africa also found that companies which incorporate their sales people's social goals into their organisational objectives achieve greater performance. This is because it helps to create targets that are comfortable and meaningful, and therefore more natural to team members.

Credico South Africa concluded from their investigation and consultation with sales agencies that by following these strategies, sales managers will be able to secure a stronger performance from their sales teams and benefit from a more unified and happy salesforce.

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