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Hunter Bailey Advise Where to Find Inspiration

Sales and marketing firm Hunter Bailey believe that inspirational stories are everywhere, and to be truly inspired, professionals should look outside of their industry.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With everyone comes a unique set of circumstances and exclusive motivators. Hunter Bailey, a successful sales and marketing firm, know the world is full of extraordinary, inspiring stories but it is crucial for maximum effect that a significant connection is made. That icon or person may provide a connection on an emotional level or someone who offers similar values. During times of adversity inspiring role models can provide that much-needed driving force that ensures quitting doesn't become an option.

About Hunter Bailey:

Well-known figures including Charlie Day and Malala Yousafzai are excellent sources of inspiration for anyone looking to carve a career in something that matches their personal beliefs and values. Charlie Day a well-known comedian took risks straight out of college, with a well-paid job offer on the table or an opportunity to move to New York and chase his dreams Charlie hedged his bets and relocated to the big apple. Facing opinions of casting directors daily, he came across many people who didn't believe he had the talent to make it. Finally, he was offered a big break on a program which offered no value to him personally, and he turned it down to continue pursuing his self-developed sitcom. The show was halted after one series but developed into a new sitcom which has been a huge hit and is currently running its tenth series. Charlie urges individuals to seize opportunities that offer personal value, avoid waiting for job offers but instead to jump ahead and create openings where they may not be currently available.

Malala Yousafzai's life was facing a bleak future as a young woman in Pakistan as the Taliban gathered a strong hold over the community they set about stripping women of their right to an education, right to shop as an equal and even banned watching television. But with the support of her female rights activist father, Malala Yousafzai continued to attend school and go about her daily life. In a bold move, she contacted Western media outlets and shared her story, and worldwide interest placed her in a dangerous position as she joined the Taliban hit list. Showing bravery, she allowed film crews to create a documentary which shed light on the poor conditions women in her community were facing. One day on her way to school she was shot, local doctors helped Malala back to a stable condition, and she was brought to the UK where she was offered greater opportunities to fight for women's rights. As the youngest person to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, she offers hope for people wanting to secure their future. By standing tall against people looking to strip her of fundamental human rights she provides inspiration globally for others to follow suit.

Hunter Bailey is a Sydney-based sales and direct marketing firm that work on behalf of their clients to deliver unique marketing campaigns to their consumers. The organisation supports young millennials through mentoring opportunities and skill development workshops, with the aim of equipping them with valuable leadership skills.

The firm is committed to creating an inspiring environment for young entrepreneurs to thrive within. Hunter Bailey is confident as they grow, those who are destined for great things will carve a path for themselves to reach their potential in a direction that matches internal values.


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