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1st Line Global: How to Develop a Sports Mentality

1st Line Global's Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt is an avid sports fan and semi-professional hockey player. Mr Hunt believes that his background in sports has equipped him with the mental tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, August 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a motivational workshop held for his contractors last week, Mr Hunt explained why it is important to adopt a sports mentality and use it fuel their success.

As well as running a highly successful sales and marketing firm, 1st Line Global's Managing Director, Jaemes Hunt is also a semi-professional hockey player.

About 1st Line Global:

Mr Hunt attributes his entrepreneurial success to his extensive experience playing a highly competitive sport at a semi-professional.

Mr Hunt firmly believes that individuals with a strong sports background tend to be naturally equipped to take on the challenges of entrepreneurship. Due to their competitive nature, focus and willingness to succeed, Mr Hunt feels that the typical sports minded individual already possesses the necessary mentality required to succeed in the sales and marketing industry.

Last week, Mr Hunt ran a motivational workshop for his contractors, where he outlined the reasons why having a sports mentality can help propel success. He also encouraged his contractors to adopt a winning mentality in order to achieve their goals and drive their own entrepreneurial success.

Mr Hunt outlined the key attributes that some of the world's most successful sports professionals and entrepreneurs both have in common.

Willingness to sacrifice - Many entrepreneurs and sports professionals have had to become accustomed to the concept of sacrifice. Whether it's adopting the practice of delayed gratification or take on a strict and disciplined regime, Mr Hunt explained to his contractors that success cannot be attained without a certain level of sacrifice. Mr Hunt stated that successful entrepreneurs and sports professionals are never afraid to take risks and make sacrifices and that they must also embrace this if they want to forge a successful path for themselves in the sales and marketing industry.

Outwork their peers - Mr Hunt explained that one thing that links the likes of Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates, and Usain Bolt is their determination never to be outworked by their peers. Mr Hunt went on to state that healthy competition is essential to driving success as it continuously encourages professionals to push their standards to the next level, which in turn cultivates innovation.

Bounce back quickly from failure - During the session, Mr Hunt acknowledges that although failure can be debilitating at times, the greatest entrepreneurs and sports professionals never dwell on their failures for too long. Mr Hunt instead encouraged his workforce to learn from their mistakes and use them as motivation to drive their future success.


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