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Long-term Results Offered for Degenerative Disc Disease

Many patients continue to suffer from low back pain even after conservative treatment, but surgical procedures may be the answer to relief

    DALLAS, TX, August 24, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Patients that continually suffer from degenerative disc disease may have another option other than non-surgical, conservative treatments or pain management: spinal fusion or disc replacement. Disc Replacement utilizes technology which preserves motion in the spine, has faster recovery and helps prevent deterioration of adjacent disks. The specialists at Texas Back Institute recommend the procedures for extreme cases where the patient does not receive sufficient results from other conservative treatments.

Degenerative disc disease occurs when the spine naturally ages and is therefore common to see in older people, although it can also occur as a result of injury in much younger patients. It is also important to note that degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease but a condition. Genetics, lifestyle choices, and previous injuries to the spine may influence whether the patient will have pain from their degenerative discs, as well as the severity of their symptoms.

Symptoms, when present, typically include low back pain that is intermittent but becomes more frequent as the condition worsens over time. When the condition progresses and the disc becomes more degenerated, it is possible for nerves to be pinched, causing additional problems such as sciatica, which affects the legs as well as the back. It is important that persistent and worsening back pain be investigated by a specialist.

Because degenerative disc disease affects over three million people a year, it is not surprising that disc replacement surgeries and spinal fusions are on the rise. Additional conditions of the spine, such as stenosis and herniated discs, may also benefit from surgery when the pain does not subside. Conservative care should always be tried first, but if it fails, consultation with a spine surgeon may be appropriate.

TBI surgeons brought total disc replacement to the United States 13 years ago. They have done numerous studies, and FDA trials through their research department at the Texas Back Institute in the area of motion preservation of the spine.

About Texas Back Institute: Texas Back Institute and its team of spine surgeons, specializing in conditions from Scoliosis to Degenerative Disc Disease, use experience, talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and technology to provide superior and innovative care for patients who suffer from back and neck pain, which has kept patients flying out of town to receive care from Texas Back spine surgeon in Dallas.

From its beginning in 1977, the goal to perform as a center of excellence while integrating the best of science and education with the best business practices has served Texas Back Institute well and continues to be the backbone of TBI's success. Over 40 years later, Texas Back Institute is one of the largest freestanding multidisciplinary academic spine centers in the world. Utilizing the latest technological advancements and medical breakthroughs, leading and participating in numerous FDA trials, developing surgeons through its fellowship program and employing an expert medical team and compassionate support staff, Texas Back Institute remains dedicated to helping patients get back to life.

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