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Waterfi Launches Next Generation Swim Tracker

Captures all the essential swim stats with one button

    SAN DIEGO, CA, October 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fitness tracker popularity has grown exponentially as users have discovered the extra motivation, more efficacious training and fun that comes with that intelligent feedback. Swimmers though remain largely neglected and limited to a couple problematic choices. Do they want a GPS mega watch with enough bells and whistles to intimidate an astronaut or a wrist pedometer with "swim tracking" added as a meager afterthought? With today's release of Waterfi's Swim Tracker, those swimmers can finally choose a straightforward and competent tracker built just for swimmers

Waterfi's Swim Tracker was built from scratch by their team in San Diego. The team set out to create a device where swim tracking was the focus and not an afterthought. That approach meant the physical design, included features and user interface were all designed specifically for swimming. "Swimmers wanted this next generation swim tracker to have increased accuracy, less obstacles before starting a swim and an easier to understand swim breakdown." said Gabe Hagstrom, Waterfi's Communications Manager. As a result Waterfi's Swim Tracker has one button to capture the swim without needing to risk having an iPhone poolside. Later, the data can be synced to Waterfi App in seconds providing the swimmer a detailed analysis of the swim to allow for helpful training insights.

Chief among the improvements in the evolution from the 1st generation wrist mounted trackers is a more accurate placement on the back of the head. This ideal position allows for full body tracking instead of measuring one appendage and inaccurately extrapolating what the swimmer may be doing. Founder Royce Nicholas explained "we realized that watches are fundamentally poor swim trackers because they only track one hand and not the rest of the body. A head mounted swim tracker greatly improved the quality, and scope of data collected during a swim. In addition to strokes and lengths, we can track breathing, direction and swim form." Waterfi's Swim Tracker collects an abundance of swim data and highlights the stats swimmers have asked for - laps, rests, distance, sets, calories, strokes, pace, and breaths.

The Waterfi Swim Tracker features:

Automatic Tracking of Swim Stats
Swim Tracker counts your lengths calories burned, strokes, and breaths while also recording length times, rest times, stroke type, pace, stroke distance, and distance swam, allowing the swimmer to just enjoy swimming, assured Swim Tracker will share the details later.

One Button Operation
Straightforward operation allows swimmers to track swims quickly and confidently with one button and a 3 color LED. Hold the button to turn Swim Tracker on, hop in the pool and push the button to start tracking, and turn off when the swim is done. Swim tracked.

High Quality Construction
The Swim Tracker's body is uniquely created, the product is overmolded in a chemical resistant platinum silicone, creating a soft, seamless and durable form. Swim Tracker is designed to be underwater, and enjoys a slightly grippy finish making it easily managed by wet hands. All these processes are performed with love and care in San Diego CA, to insure higher quality standards than can be achieved overseas.

Intelligent Sensors
Unlike 1st gen swim watches that are solely equipped with a basic accelerometer, Swim Tracker's brain is a 9 axis IMU (Inertial Measuring Unit) that includes an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope; the same tech used in VR headsets, drones and spacecraft. Swim Tracker can remember up to 60 swims and collect data for up to 13 hours of swimming on one cycle of the rechargeable battery.

The rich data from the sensors is processed using an algorithm informed by data from host of swims. All that learning has allowed the algorithm to interpret those swims in a meaningful way. The algorithm allows the Swim Tracker to learns the swimmer's style as they swim and improves the tracking throughout the swim.

Built to Sync With The Waterfi App
Sync all the swim data to the Waterfi App in seconds. A clear upgrade from the current generation of watches that can take up to 15 minutes. The Waterfi App will then clearly display essential swim stats providing path to insights like "How many calories did I burn?", "Is my Breastroke getting quicker?", "Am I resting too long between sets?", and "Is my Freestyle becoming more efficient?"

The Waterfi App is also actively getting smarter and more helpful as the Waterfi team continues to add features and implement swimmer's request every week.

Waterfi Swim Tracker hardware includes:
- Lightweight and durable body weighing it at less than 1 oz.
- A 9 axis IMU (accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope) to accurately track every length, stroke and breath.
- A comfortable clip easily slides the Swim Tracker into place on the back of the head keeping it secure no matter how fast the swimmer or turbulent the flip turn.
- A 250 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery for up to 13 hours of swimming.
- Waterproof up to 30 feet indefinitely.
- Bluetooth LE to sync all the swim data to the Waterfi App in seconds.

The Waterfi Swim Tracker will work with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9 or higher and is available now on

About Waterfi

Since 2010, Waterfi has been working to bring people all around the world electronic gadgets they can use underwater. After several years as an engineer developing products for various biotech firms in San Diego, Waterfi founder and president Royce Nicholas created a unique waterproofing solution and began applying it to the Apple iPod Shuffle. Motivated by the ability to free people's electronics from the boundaries of dry land, Royce launched Waterfi in August 2010 and began to expand his process to new electronic gadgets including many products from Fitbit, Apple, and Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite.

After years of working with swimmers. Waterfi saw first hand that swimmers needs are often overlooked by the tech community. Beginning in 2016 Waterfi has sought to create all original tech devices, designed around swimmers' unique needs and demands. With the release of the Waterfi Swim Tracker tracker joining the already launched Waterfi SwimActive Headphones and Waterfi Short Cord Headphones their mission to make this a more Waterific world is in full swing.

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