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Customizing Lifestyles and Eating Habits Through DNA Analysis. Taking the Guess Work Out of Dieting and Supplementation

    /24-7PressRelease/ - HONOLULU, HI, March 22, 2008 - Why do we need genetic analyses?
Within the scientific community, the world's leading genetic laboratories have been defining and decoding human genome "defects" and their relationship to many diseases. Presently, there are many such genetic distinctions or polymorphisms that have been identified to form a new modern method of DNA-diagnostics. We are now able to reveal and define unique genetic "predispositions" to various serious diseases for people of all ages, from infant to adult.

For many years scientists have attempted to find an answer to the question:
Is it possible to help those people who have defects of a particular gene?
It has been determined that this is indeed possible in many cases!

The products that make up a gene (called enzyme proteins) consist of various amino acids. In many cases, if there is a genetic defect present, one amino acid is replaced with another. If left unchanged, these cellular conditions may likely result in additional polymorphic alleles, affecting the metabolism of daughter cells throughout the entire body.

What can we do with these results?
Armed with this knowledge, doctors and patients can now make choices specific to one's individual genetic predisposition. Evidence published in some of the best scientific and medical journals has suggested that by customizing or changing certain therapies, life-style habits, dietary decisions and vitamin, mineral and / or amino acid selections, these genetic defects or abnormalities can be partially compensated for, thereby helping to prevent or mitigate the effects of illness in those who are at high risk.

Epigenetics is the study of the "molecular mechanisms" by which our cellular environment controls gene activity. This field of "New Biology" is supported by many studies. In his book "The Biology of Belief" cell biologist, research scientist, medical school Professor and author, Bruce Lipton, PhD reveals how genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by our cells external environment. As an example, with regards to the measles antibody gene, Dr Lipton explains that from the formation of a "vast array of different genes", "when an immature immune cell produces an antibody protein that is a "close" physical complement to the invading measles virus, that the cell will be activated." He explains this in the following way: "Activated cells employ an amazing mechanism called affinity maturation that enables the cell to perfectly adjust the final shape of its antibody protein, so that it will become a perfect complement to the invading measles virus." Through a series of processes called "somatic hypermutation" each new version of the gene is slightly mutated until the variant gene antibody is further sculpted and shaped to produce a perfect complement to the measles virus. [Wu, et al, 2003; Blanden and Steele 1998; Diaz and Casali 2002; Gearhart 2002]"

Research from some of the most prestigious medical institutes in the world has attributed positive results from natural therapies involving herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary changes. Some of these organizations include the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Division of Cell Growth and Regulation, Journal of Immunology, Harvard Medical School, Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, New England Journal of Medicine, the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Proc. National. Academy of Science, Cell Biology, Archives of Neurology, International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders, and the Arch. Neurology to name a few.

Consequently, genetic tests offered DTC (direct to consumers) are intended to empower individuals and their competent health care providers with the assistance they need to make informed decisions leading to healthier lifestyles and to perhaps avail them of more natural and less invasive preventive therapies.

Genetic tests are in no way an endorsement of any gene or drug-related therapies. They are, in fact, offered in an effort to demonstrate that while each of us may have certain specific genetic "predispositions" to disease, commensurate with a wealth of published, unpublished or other literature, we may be able to offset, correct and even reverse such genetic predispositions (i.e. polymorphisms) through diet and nutrition with the proper knowledge and insight to do so. In fact, by offering genetic and forensic tests "DTC" (direct to consumers), Graceful Earth Inc., through some of the most sophisticated science available, offers people compelling reasons to be more pro-active about their health often before conditions leading to disease can occur and help them take the guesswork out of supplementation.

What could those people who already have the disease do?
There are many cases in which a disease has already been diagnosed with no available treatment. In these cases, genetic analysis can first help to find the etiology or cause of a particular disease by accurately revealing its presence which could also help decide the best and most effective treatment. If a genetic defect is found, it may be necessary to begin treatment to compensate for the defective gene in order to improve the state of a patient's health.

German-Swiss laboratories at Graceful Earth Inc. not only perform this crucial genetic analysis but also provide valuable recommendations on how to compensate for the genetic defect. This may include suggestions about diet changes and / or life-style habits in order to help establish the right balance in one's metabolism and cells. If needed and requested, they will also recommend and order a specific nutritional supplement regimen from a pharmaceutical-grade factory.

To perform genetic analysis only a few drops of saliva, blood or cord blood during childbirth are needed. The sample of genetic material is stored in their laboratory for an unlimited period of time or until it later becomes necessary to order a genetic analysis for another disease. In this case their clients will not have to send the genetic material again.

Scientists continue to work on genome decoding which will most likely make available new diagnostic opportunities for various diseases as they appear every year.

There are no "Pre-screening" methods required or employed at Graceful Earth Inc. This eliminates the possibility and likelihood that your privacy will be comprimised or shared within the health care and insurance industries. This could later lead to insurance denials for health care coverage under "pre-existing condition" clauses.

All truth goes through 3 stages: first it is ridiculed: then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident. – Schopenhauer

Information only exists through the paradigm of our understanding. It does not necessarily imply intention or accurately assess a value of or level of intelligence. Such as “Intelligent Design” – Ken Friedenberg / Graceful Earth Inc.

For more information on getting genetic testing go to or call 1-877-697-7300.

"Future peek: Still, there's no question that many people find the chance to peek into the medical future irresistible. ... The Alzheimer's test by Graceful Earth of Honolulu, examines the APOE gene. One version is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's. "Knowing a person is at increased risk could prompt him or her to eat healthier, vice president of Graceful Earth"

US News and World Report / January 8th, 2007

Labs at Graceful Earth Inc. are certified to perform ApoE analysis on biological samples.
Their protocols for genetic testing are performed in accordance with international protocols which have been approved by the FDA and their ApoE tests are recognized and reimbursed by the German, Swiss and Dutch private health insurances.

• Certification from the DGKL in Germany, for APO E genotyping and other genes
• Lab is certified in ring testing assuring that our results are reliable.
• Our ApoE certification meets European and international standards.
• Personnel have pertinent education, and pass demonstrations of capability. Lab staff includes doctors of chemistry, medicine and nutrition.
• All test results are considered confidential.


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