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Arizona-Based Entrepreneur Introduces Transformational Method to Find and Live One's Passion in Latest Book

Michele P.W. explains how readers can turn their dreams into reality and be tremendously successful in her latest book, "Love-Based Goals"

    NEW YORK, NY, December 10, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For many people, their aspirations seem out-of-reach because dreams and accomplishment appear to be on different paths, but Arizona-based entrepreneur Michele P.W. introduces an effective way to discover and live your purpose, and also find success --with nothing holding you back-- in her latest book Love-Based Goals (released December 5, 2017).

"There are people who feel like no matter what they do, they can't reach that goal they've worked towards multiple times, those who just feel like they're 'missing something' even though they have everything they need, those who are not able to overcome that 'last' hurdle before fulfilling their dream, or those who just don't know where to start -- Love-Based Goals is meant to help them find the way to discover and live their passion, and also be successful at it," says Michele P.W., author of the Love-Based self-help/business books.

Michele's approach has helped numerous clients and entrepreneurs build a business centered around their passion and find tremendous success. Michele P.W.'s own multiple six-figure business was founded on this philosophy: Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a copywriting and marketing company with a prestigious roster of clients such as Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Bernadette Doyle, Alex Mandossian, Kendall SummerHawk, and Alexis Martin Neely. With Michele's contribution, Lisa Sasevich "The Queen of Sales Conversion," grew her business from $2.2 million to double that, and then to over $6 million in just a few short years.

Love-Based Goals is the fifth book in Michele's Love-Based series; her Love-Based philosophy has its roots in the practice of mindfulness. Numerous studies have shown positive, long-lasting, and effective results of mindfulness, both in the workplace and personal life. A 2013 study by the University of Oxford showed a drastic 58% decrease in anxiety, 40% in stress, and 57% decrease in depression, with fewer chances of recurrence (1) . In her Love-Based Goals, Michele encourages readers to approach ups and downs with the right attitude and make decisions from a place of love, rather than fear. She helps them identify obstacles in their way (such as fear, anxiety, stress, anger, and hopelessness), and confront these emotions because that not only gives them control over it, but also leaves them with a sense of clarity and level-headedness, which paves the way to break new ground and find a solution to any problem.

"I'm connecting with more people now than ever before. More people are interested in my services and I've seen a 60% percent increase in my business within a span of months, just by changing my approach. Engagement in my business has doubled. I'm getting referrals from places I didn't even expect," says Karen McMillan, Founder of YinPreneur and one of Michele P.W.'s clients.

"With so many marketing materials these days, there's a false sense of urgency. Michele made a choice to show people that there's no need to use fear-based tactics in marketing to be successful. When your business runs from a place of love, in the long term you'll build a more trusting relationship with your clients because you're not adding that false pressure into the mix. That's what's different about Michele and her philosophy. She studied different methods of direct marketing, both online and offline, and she observed how people manipulate and can be successful, but at a cost to themselves--it burns people up. She approaches business without the frenzy or the false pressure--we don't push. I'm happier, I'm not burned out, and I don't get stressed out," says Michele's client Christine Arylo, transformational speaker and three-time bestselling author of Choosing Me Before We, Madly in Love with Me, and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl.

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About Love-Based Goals

Are you frustrated with your lack of progress on your goals? Maybe you struggle with focus or procrastination. Or, maybe it feels like no matter what you do, you're not able to create new habits that support where you want to go.

What's even worse is you KNOW you're destined for something bigger! Maybe you're supposed to make a big difference in the world. Maybe your business isn't where it's supposed to be or you still have books or other creative projects inside you. Or maybe you're not living your purpose or your passion.

If this is you, you're exactly in the right place. That's where the concept of love-based goals--and this book! --comes in. If you're not living the life you've dreamed of, there's likely something deeper going on--something that's going to stand in your way no matter how many planners you use or productivity hacks you try.

This book will not only help you dig into identifying what your true goals are, and what's stopping you from achieving them, but it will also guide you in figuring out the best productivity system for YOU, to keep you on course.

You'll get both internal and external goal-setting strategies, exercises to help you clear blocks, PLUS a free Love-Based Goals Workbook to help you finally reach your love-based goals.

By the time you finish reading, you'll have a plan in place for finally reaching your love-based goals.

About Michele P.W.

Considered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today, Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) has a reputation for crafting copy and creating online and offline marketing campaigns that get results.

Michele started writing professionally in 1992, working at agencies and on staff as a marketing/communication/writing specialist. In 1998, she started her business as a freelance copywriter.

But she quickly realized her vision was bigger than serving her clients as a one-woman-shop. In 2004, she began the transformation to building a copywriting and marketing company.

Two years later, her vision has turned into reality. Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC is the premiere direct response copywriting and marketing company today, catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally, including the "Who's Who" of Internet Marketing.

In addition, Michele is also a national speaker and the bestselling author of the "Love-Based Copywriting" books that teach people how to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites. She has also completed two novels.

She holds a double major in English and Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently she lives in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona with her husband Paul and her southern squirrel hunter Cassie.

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