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TapJets, The Largest Private Jet Instant Booking Platform, Named The Preferred Provider For Executive Assistants Organization

This partnership opens up direct communication between executive assistants and TapJets, which offers access to over 1700 luxury jets that can be booked and confirmed in 30 seconds.

"Executive assistants can now complete an entire travel plan in less than one minute, which includes ground transportation to and from your business-enabled private jet." - TapJets Inc.

    HOUSTON, TX, February 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- TapJets Inc. has been selected as the preferred private jet charter provider for the Executive Assistant Organization (EAO). Behind Every Leader, there is a team of individuals who will now have instant access to a fleet of over 1700 private jets that can be booked and confirmed in seconds. TapJets' new Executive Access Platform is specifically designed with executive support teams in mind. This simple-to-use platform - always available by web or smartphone - will simplify and streamline executive travel, greatly improving communication of critical travel plans without adding additional work or complication to the lives of busy professionals.

EAO members will now have real-time access to private jets that can be instantly booked and confirmed without the need to spend time organizing the logistics, speaking on a phone, or waiting hours for quotes via fax or e-mail, which are typical in all charter broker transactions.

Executive assistants can now complete an entire travel plan in less than one minute, which includes ground transportation to and from your business-enabled private jet. Information is then instantly available to their executive on their smartphone device and updated in real time. TapJets does not charge membership fees or require an upfront commitment such as jet cards. TapJets customers only pay for the time they fly.

"When we select a preferred vendor, we don't just look at their offering; we make sure their solutions bring value and save time for our members. When it comes to efficiency of private jet travel and booking TapJets is the leader in instant booking and instant availability," said Victoria Rabin, CEO of Executive Assistant Organization and Behind Every Leader Conferences.

Business travel is a prominent segment for TapJets, and considering the role executive assistants play in ensuring swift and organized travel for their team, it only makes sense to cater and establish a relationship with EAO. The TapJets platform utilizes advanced routing and sourcing technologies to connect private fliers directly with available aircraft best positioned to service the booked flight. TapJets instant booking technology is the only platform in the world in which you can book your private jet in less than one minute.

Unlike other companies, the platform doesn't only supply an estimate or quote, but offers the entire booking process. Clients are able to complete all the planning, booking and fulfillment, from the convenience of a smartphone or web-enabled device.

"With guaranteed discounted pricing for EAO members, direct integration with ground transportation, and access to our 24-7 highly dedicated Global Concierge team of Aviation Experts, the job of every executive assistant just became so much easier," said Eugene Kesselman, CEO of TapJets. "We're looking forward to serving this valuable community with our latest booking technology and safest jet partners in the industry."

About TapJets:

Rather than deal with long airport security lines, delays, and missed connections every time you travel, become the ruler of the skies. Be there when you want to be there, not when it's convenient for the major airlines.

TapJets users only pay for the time they actually use the aircraft to fly, rather than recurring fees or negotiating with brokers. By connecting users directly with available aircraft while also handling the scheduling, route optimization, and empty segment management, we offer our fliers the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to fly private without jet cards, or membership fees.

Whether it's for corporate travel or leisure travel our clients enjoy a seamless booking process with just a few taps of the TatpJets app. Alongside ease-of-use, TapJets works with only top-of-the-line staff, pilots, air carriers and operators to ensure your entire experience, from booking to landing, is professional, enjoyable and best of all - seamless.

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