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CHP-Funder Website Launched

Technology to match Funders with Qualified Cogeneration (CHP) Projects

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ --, a match-making website for investors in cogeneration, was launched as an online investment intermediary fintech web property. The mission of is to speed time-to-funding for viable CHP projects and to connect such projects to the broader venture capital market.

With increased supplies of natural gas coming online, CHP projects provide a rapid return on invested capital. CHP improves business competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and managing costs. CHP helps businesses weather energy price volatility and supply disruptions. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) deployments improve electric grid resilience and mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events by continuing to provide electricity and thermal service in the absence of grid electricity. Further, CHP advances climate change and environmental goals by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. More broadly, benefits from CHP include diversifying energy supply by enabling further integration of domestically produced and renewable fuels, as well as to improve energy efficiency by capturing heat that is normally wasted. CHP is an ideal technology to help institutions more easily reach both their cost reduction and sustainability goals. is designed to help the CHP project developer. The CHP developer is the party that is seeking financing to develop the CHP system. The CHP developer could be the final CHP customer an end-user or a third-party developer that is installing the CHP system for an end-user.

Types of CHP Project Funding Modes

- Direct Ownership of the CHP Plant
Internal Funds
Debt Financing- Loans, Bonds, Equity Financing

- Third Party Ownership of the CHP Plant
Lease Financing- Capital Lease, Operating Lease
Contract Financing- Power Purchase Agreement, Special Purpose Entity

According to the American Petroleum Institute, the energy industry supports around 9.8 million jobs and makes up 8% (eight percent) of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). "Given that the oil and natural gas industry is a key source of economic growth in United States, we still see a lot of room for development in the energy sector, particularly as investors look for value outside traditional tech markets," according to Jim Scherrer, project co-founder. "There is a healthy investment diversity across the energy value chain and cogeneration is a key recipient of capital."

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About CHP-Funder
CHP-Funder is an online investment matching platform for cogeneration, CHP, distributed generation and resiliency opportunities. Accredited investors and traditional funding sources invest in developing CHP projects transforming the cogeneration financing market. For details, visit

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