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An Innovation: New Form of Translation with Crowdfunding in China

The innovative way of translation with crowdfunding is a breakthrough in the traditional translation mode as well as a revolution in publication industry. The translations can be produced with greater guarantee in terms of its quality and quantity.

    BEIJING, CHINA, April 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nowadays numerous westerners are traumatized by wonderful Chinese manga. It's reported the number of Chinese manga readers in the western world has been doubled since 2016.

All of you may ask why comics and novels today, especially those from China, are updating more frequently with increasing number of works. China is developing rapidly and its cultural industry has entered a booming phase. Inspirations have dawned on the artists at an amazing speed so naturally there are more and more works emerging. In addition, with the surge in artists, there is also a sharp rise of excellent translators in number.

Recently, a Chinese translation crowdfunding platform,, has drawn people's attention. This platform provides a revolutionary means of translation i.e. to support translations with crowdfunding. In this way, translations can be produced with a greater guarantee in terms of its quality and quantity. At the same time, the whole translating process is simpler and faster.

NOWDO is a comprehensive reading platform where visitors can read both novels and comics. Works on the platform are available in multiple languages. In addition to Chinese, the works can also be read in many other languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, German and French. "The platform is still in its beta phase so the available works are limited in number but there will be more works coming online once the platform is officially launched," said Liu Xinyi, CEO of NOWDO.

Once there is an update of a work, fans from other countries will start raising funds for its translation. When the funds reach the set amount, the platform will send the notification to the suitable translators and the one who claims the job firstly will get down to it. Supporters are asked to rate and leave testimonials when the translation is completed. If the translator receives too many negative reviews which will be doubled-checked by the staff, the crowdfunding project will start again and another translator will take over the job. The previous translator will not be able to take any jobs for a certain until he/she passes the certificated test again.

In this way, the translation process is accelerated with guaranteed quality translations. It takes much less time before the readers can read the new chapter. Generally, readers can start reading immediately after the translation is done. For instance, a work named Vampire and Hunter which is produced in Chinese has been translated into three languages namely English, Russian and Japanese.

Currently NOWDO has signed agreements with multiple publishing houses and published a few e-books and paperback books from its platform. NOWDO promotes multilingual communication through website localization, and this gives it a global presence. The digital distribution on NOWDO can bring potential work to readers form all over the world. The published works which have been approved by the online readers will be an affirmation of physical book sales too.

Undeniably, this innovative way of translation with crowdfunding is a breakthrough in the traditional translation mode as well as a revolution in publication industry. It can be said that all parties, from readers, translators, copyright holders to the publishing houses, can all benefit from it. The readers can read what they really like; the translators can get more payment which will be paid faster without giving cuts to translation agencies; the copyright owners can promote his/her works to more countries without worrying about commissions because the funds have already been raised by fans. The publishing houses have a wider range of choice with more diverse genres. They are more pleasant to cooperate with NOWDO.

NOWDO was established in 2014 and has been shifting its main business from the game translation outsourcing to the crowdfunding translation for comics and novels since 2016.

NOWDO developed a professional tool for translating comics and novels by combining its rich experience in translation industry and technology advantages. The tool cannot only greatly improve the efficiency of translation, but also enable the communication with authors, translators and readers of different countries without any obstacles.

NOWDO commits to a platform where it can present the good and enjoyable stories in your mother language.

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