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Ruumi Lid Receives Honorable Mention (2nd place) in Best New Product Competition at SCA Global Coffee Expo 2018

Ruumi lid moves away from the traditional flat, canister-style shape to one that follows the human form. This means it will not compress the nose or force the head to tilt back, creating the feeling of an open cup rather than a standard to-go cup.

    SEATTLE, WA, May 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Based on the same ergonomic design as the Ruumi reusable cup, the Ruumi single-use lid was awarded an Honorable Mention (2nd place) in the Coffee Accessories category at the prestigious Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Global Expo 2018 in Seattle. The Expo draws the world's leading coffee professionals and companies. The Best New Product Awards recognize new products based on their quality and value to the specialty coffee and tea industry.

The lid also won accolades from passersby coffee enthusiasts like Vinnie Tortorich, who together with Andy Schreiber, run Pure Coffee Club in CA and blog about coffee. He said, "Finally, after two years, I came across the best product. It's very simple. Look at it—it's made for people like me with a big schnoz."

Besides public appeal, the lid is also an important technical achievement. Its design elements are so new and extreme that engineers and designers held their breaths until the first prototypes were completed. The lid's innovative features start with an unprecedented deep recess that easily accommodates the nose. Without using any more material than a standard lid, it was possible to stretch the resin to its limits without compromising Ruumi's original characteristic shape and functionality. This was a first in the industry. The current design has been refined over previous versions to better accommodate people with glasses, while providing even more room for the nose.

An added benefit of the deep recess is that it acts as a breakwater that reduces splashing by up to 50%. Despite the generous nose space, one can still serve a full cup just a tad below the rim, a level higher than what the overwhelming majority of stores do.

Another novelty only to be found in Ruumi lids are the raisers on the top that, just as with the reusable cup, keep the sip hole clean and sanitary when the lid is set face down on a surface. The lid feels sturdy, installing firmly onto a matching cup, forming a perfect seal.

The Ruumi lid is made in the USA of standard recyclable material.

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