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The SolePath Institute Paves New Ground Using Energetic Work to Deliver a Proven Path to a More Meaningful and Fulfilled Life, Seeks New Applicants and Australian Expansion

SolePath is a deep journey into self-awareness. It is understanding yourself at an entirely different level. Understanding what it is that makes you most happy.

"SolePath is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose and meaning." Dr. Debra, SolePath Institute

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What if everyone was born with a purpose and direction and there was a way to discover this?

The SolePath Institute, through unique energy work from experienced guides, does exactly this. Revealing to the interested their own "SolePath", and how it can help them live a happier life and avoid the pitfalls.

Far too many people feel as if they are going through life without a sense of meaning or purpose, just getting by, barely awake, and left wanting something much more fulfilling. The experts at the SolePath Institute suggest there is an energetic answer to this question; one that can be revealed for those who wish to learn more. SolePath's creators believe in this so deeply that they offer these energetic readings for simple donations, rather than charging large fees, despite the life-changing results the new knowledge often delivers. This is undoubtedly a service for those interested in living a happy, beautiful life, overflowing with peace, joy, love, purpose, and meaning. A SolePath reading could be the key that opens the door to these new possibilities. Knowing one's purpose and life meaning makes fulfilling it much more simple and joyful.

The SolePath Institute is the joint venture of two passionate women: Rev. Deneen Justason and Dr. Debra Ford. Rev. Deneen is the "creative community commander" and she is an intuitive creator and bringer of spiritual balance. Deneen has dedicated her life to being a SolePath certified mentor and SolePath certified analyst, known for her wonderful laugh and beautiful caring energy.

Dr. Debra Ford is well known as an inspirational teacher and spiritual mystic. SolePath is an original body of work, written and created by Dr. Debra. She prides herself on being an "inspirational connection communicator" and spends her days teaching and guiding others to purpose and a happier life.

The team includes many other skilled energy workers all filled with passion and enthusiasm, but the true driving force behind this movement is most certainly the pair of spiritual masters at the helm. Recently, Dr. Debra sat down for a very enlightening interview with the folks at TSR News Group.

"I have been a spiritual counselor for decades and SolePath was created in 2009 out of my deep longing to help my clients," begins Dr. Debra, "Most of those who came to me for help were asking the bigger questions of life such as 'who am I?' and 'what's my purpose?' The original body of work, SolePath was a response to this yearning to know who they were at a deep level; and to find a place in the world where they could be of service and make a contribution. To become who they knew they were born to be."

Dr. Debra continues: "At some stage of personal growth most of us end up at the place where we know that there is more to life, there is a role for us and that life is supposed to be meaningful. SolePath can help you find your place. In 2014 Deneen and I co-founded the SolePath Institute. The SolePath Institute joyfully encourages everyone to know and understand their SolePath and live a beautiful life, filled with purpose and meaning. The SolePath Institute provides support and guidance on life's journey, helping you take your next best step."

As if anticipating our next request, Dr. Debra sums up their social plight in one succinct sentence: "The SolePath Institute encourages community – both online and in-person."

We ask them if they feel each of their unique backgrounds has helped shape SolePath, and, if so, how? Dr. Debra seizes the opportunity to answer this, perhaps still riding the momentum of her previous answers; her strong start to this interview. "Most certainly. My role is the creation, teaching and counseling of the SolePath body of work. Deneen's role is business management and building a community of people engaged in SolePath. Both of us have solid business backgrounds and our passion is this work of spiritual counseling. We spend all day, every day helping people to understand how incredible they are. It's a great job!"

When asked about SolePath and its mission, Dr. Debra launches into a well executed explanation that must be rehearsed, but certainly doesn't seem like it — perhaps due to the passion and genuineness put forth in her response.

"SolePath is a deep journey into self-awareness," she states, "It is understanding yourself at an entirely different level. Understanding what it is that makes you most happy. Knowing what it is that trips you up; why you behave the way that you do; why you continue to fall back on habits and behaviours that do not help you and get in the way of your happiness. It is all about you." She pauses for a moment, pleased with her answer, but not yet satisfied.

"SolePath is a very personal experience. Each of us has a different SolePath and therefore the only way to explain it, is to describe the impact that it has on personal life; the difference that it makes to happiness. One of the most common responses we get with a SolePath reading is 'Well! That explains everything!' At the SolePath Institute we measure your energetics and give you your best 'life hack' ever. Your SolePath is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath. Your LightPaths are expanding energy and provide direction for knowing your life's purpose; your DarkPath is collapsed energy and provides contrast for personal growth.

When asked about why someone might choose SolePath over a perceived alternative self-help or spiritual guidance method, Dr. Debra takes a very serious moment to clear up a few things.

"SolePath is not a belief system - it is a journey into deep self-awareness. If you like, it is your metaphysical DNA – a fundamental part of who you are," she begins to explain, "We would never say, choose SolePath over and above other methods of spiritual guidance. Rather, choose SolePath because it is a perfect fit with all other methods of spiritual guidance. SolePath does not replace what you are already doing and what is working for you, but is the perfect compliment. Through this understanding of yourself, you will simply feel happier."

Dr. Debra elaborates further: "SolePath is a practical tool for helping with everyday life. When making life's decisions – SolePath can help. For real help with anxiety and depression – SolePath can help. For finding a way to live with passion and purpose – SolePath can help. When making choices about education and career – SolePath can help. For understanding why you feel the way that you do – SolePath can help. For understanding complications in your relationships – SolePath can help."

Next, the big question of an expanding international presence comes up; something which has been on the founders' minds for a long time. "SolePath is just about 10 years old now. To date we have completed 2,385 SolePath readings and have clients in many countries around the world. USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa – to name a few.

We would like everyone to know who they are born to be, as this would create an environment where it would be so much easier for people to get along, to be of service and make a difference in the world.

That is why we have worked hard to remove any barriers to receiving a SolePath reading. It can be completed online from anywhere in the world and a SolePath reading is by donation – whatever you feel able to give."

The ladies of SolePath have expressed a particularly strong interest in enhancing their presence and influence in Australia. "Australia is a very spiritual country," states Dr. Debra pointedly, "We deeply admire Australians like Olivia Newton John who, although she doesn't know her SolePath, embodies everything we understand about living a SolePath life filled with meaning and purpose. Through her healing centre, she is being of service and making a huge difference to those on a cancer journey."

Dr. Debra adds, "We have found that SolePath gives those who are coping with illness something to look forward to, something to live for and can be a fundamental part of the healing journey."

Naturally, the topic moves at this point from regional discussion to global. "Everyone is born with a SolePath. We are simply uncovering it – not creating it. Although everyone can benefit from a SolePath reading, you have to be ready. Ready to change. Ready to take action. Ready to really look at yourself and your life. It's a personal journey, it's individual happiness. We would say to people who are thinking about requesting a SolePath reading – do you have a deep desire to know who you are so that you can do the work to be happier?"

A topic still remains largely unaddressed; a pair of questions for which Dr. Debra readily has answers: If SolePath is a journey into deep self awareness, how does the SolePath Institute assist with that? What is the support that is provided?

"When you go to our website, to request your SolePath reading – you will be asked to make a donation, upload a headshot selfie and fill out a short form. We get back to you within 3 to 5 business days with your results," Dr. Debra explains, "With your donation, you receive your SolePath reading by email - it is a beautiful certificate for you to print up and cherish. You also receive a de-brief conversation with a SolePath certified mentor to help you understand your results – this may be conducted in person or by Skype, telephone or FaceTime."

There's more than just that, though. "Also included with your reading is a personalized, unique SolePath membership account that contains all of your SolePath information. You will find videos, audios, meditations, documents and spiritual tools – all specifically about you and your special SolePath. You receive 2 months of free membership with your initial donation and after that it is $9.99/month [Canadian dollars] if you choose to continue. We also have courses that allow those who are ready, to journey more deeply into their SolePath life."

Something a lot of prospective SolePath members want to know is about "the moment". In other words, when and how does the moment of realization come? "When it hits you at a deep emotional level, that your SolePath is you. We have witnessed adults burst into tears when they learn their SolePath. We understand that this is their higher self or their soul saying 'yes! this is me!'" Dr. Debra is strong but emotional even explaining this phenomenon, adding: "Through your SolePath you will know what your gifts are – those things that you can give the world, ways for you to be of service. You will also know your greatness – your personal self worth; and be on your way to discovering your purpose."

No interview would be complete without a few success stories, which are provided with pleasure and expertise. "People are drawn to SolePath, they always know when it is right for them."

Dr. Debra shares three examples: "She's in her early 30's, married and a professional dancer. Her SolePath is spiritual balance and spiritual warrior, dark intellectual controller. Her core values as a spiritual balance are living with grace and flow and finding non-resistance in life. Her core values as a spiritual warrior are living with passion and leading with integrity. Her dark energy revolved around controlling others.

Just this week she was dealing with conflict in her dance group. One of her tools is to ask these questions when faced with negativity – 'what would help this to flow?' 'how can I act with integrity?' These are specific questions for the spiritual balance and the spiritual warrior SolePath. The usual way that conflicts occurred in this group brought a lot of unhappiness into her life – but this time the conflict did not impact her at all. She was able to stay in a good place, to flow and lead with integrity and stay away from that part of her that wanted to control the situation and the actions of her friends."

For the second example, Dr. Debra focuses on a different person half the previous woman's age, with a very different story to tell. "She's in her late 60s, recently divorced and needing to find work to support herself. Her SolePath is intuitive hunter and inspirational teacher, dark inspirational conformist. Her core values as an intuitive hunter are seeking truth and answers and generously sharing. Her core values as an inspirational teacher are bringing out the best in people and being a great communicator. Her dark energy revolved around conforming, doing what she thought was expected of her and wanting others to conform too. A friend offered her a personal assistant position and she wondered whether to take the job. She lived alone and really did want to find meaningful work, not just work that was a pay cheque. When she examined this job offer she realized that it would be a big mistake to take this job because it definitely was a conforming job, that it would not appeal to her intuitive hunter nor her inspirational teacher. Understanding her SolePath led her to know that she really wanted to be a teacher of something worthwhile, some way to inspire others to their best life. She is now back in school studying for her dream career and loving it."

For the final example, the situation shifts once again, this time taking along with it gender. "He's in his late 40s," Dr. Debra begins, "[He is] single and has taken early retirement. His SolePath is intuitive solitude and intellectual lateral thinker, dark compassionate caretaker. His core value as an intuitive solitude are quietness, imagination and creativity. His core values as an intellectual lateral thinker are innovation and problem solving. His dark energy revolved around being a busy-body and interfering in the lives of others.

His biggest conflict was wondering whether he had made a poor decision taking early retirement. There had been a recession in his city and retirement had more or less been forced on him. Yet now he wasn't sure if he was spending too much time alone and becoming anti-social. For his intuitive solitude – his deep desire was for time alone, but this needed to be balanced with genuine interaction with others. This was easy to implement as his intellectual lateral thinker is a collaborative thinker who needs to talk things out. He put effort into finding a group that would stimulate his mind, give him some authentic social interaction while leaving lots of room for the peace and quiet of his own company."

This article will be continued in the late-2018 continuation of this article. In the meantime, head over to and "get your SolePath".

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