All Press Releases for November 16, 2018

Ro Entertainment Drew2Media in Association with Angel Terron Productions Presents the Phenomenal Stage Play Angry Insecure Men Saturday November 17th at Columbus State University Hall Auditorium

"Has he ever trapped you in a room and not let you out? Has he ever raised a fist as if he were going to hit you? Has he ever thrown an object that hit you or nearly did? Has he ever held you down or grabbed you to restrain you? - Lundy Bandcroft

    COLUMBUS, GA, November 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- RO Entertainment/ Drew2Media in association with Angel Terron Productions presents the phenomenal stage play "Angry Insecure Men" on Saturday, November 17th at Columbus State University Hall Auditorium. The stage play is directed by David Drew and Associate producer Andrea Humber. The Show time will start promptly at 7pm running til 9pm. Early arrival is suggested as tickets are selling fast as the good people in Columbus, Georgia are anxious to see actors Drea Kelly (ex-wife of singer R Kelly), Willie Taylor (singer/member of Day 26 and Vh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), actors Reggie Gaskins (TV show Eve), Jeremiah Clarke, Rodney Stanten, Gin Blanton, Vitelle Webb(Face of the Homeless), Dee Armstrong, Jada Leaks and Trionna Moore. Columbus is one of many cities to experience this amazing play that is educational and inspiring to victims of domestic violence that have found themselves voiceless in no win relationships.

"I am living in hell from one day to the next. But there is nothing I can do to escape. I don't know where I would go if I did. I feel utterly powerless, and that feeling is my prison. I entered of my own free will, I locked the door, and I threw away the key."
― Haruki Murakami

Play Synopsis -This stage play is based off the novel, "Angry Insecure Men" written by Angel Terron who based it on her own true life story. A victim of domestic abuse in three different relations throughout the course of twelve years. The stage production takes you through the short course of events in each relationship. This play will display that domestic abuse is not always only physical abuse. There's Aiden (WILLIE TAYLOR- Day 26 artist) - the ANGRY abuser and the instrument of physical pain and Izzy (RODNEY STATEN) the INSECURE emotional abuser and finally, Marcus (REGGIE GASKINS) the MANIPULATOR and abuser.  Eventually Mari does find love in an unlikely source, with actor (JEREMIAH CLARKE) a victim of domestic violence from himself.

Attendees will have the chance to celebrate after the play at the VIP Party. Details can be found on ticketbud where you can also purchase your tickets. Come join us and again Meet the Cast:

Aiden- Angry- Played by R&B artist "Day 26" - Willie Taylor

Izzy- Insecure- Played by Actor- Rodney Staten

Marcus- Manipulative- Played by Actor-Director- Reggie Gaskins

Meet Mother Rose- Played by Actress, Choreographer- Drea Kelly

Shell- Played by Actress Gin Blanton

Saved by a long lost friend. Alexx- Played by Actor Jeremiah Clarke

Mari- Played by Actress Vitelle Webb

Nosey Liz- Played by Dee Armstrong

LT Angel- Played by Actress -Trionna Moore

Officer Cruz Played by Actor -Tyrice Lollis

Jade-Played by Actress Jada Leaks

About Angel Terron -Writer/Director Angel Terron brings us a remarkable educational stage play of a chilling real life story of domestic abuse and survival.  Ripped from the pages of her own domestic abuse survival, ATP has assembled an incredibly talented cast for the stage play's run in Columbus, Georgia. In order to produce educational, family and student focused social awareness projects for use by national and international domestic abuse organizations, prevention centers, academia, churches and corporations to use to educate, promote their causes and reach their annual outreach goals and objectives TERRON PRODUCTIONS needs your help through funding and donations.

About Rodney Staten Producer/Partner & CEO of RO Entertainment -Staten is from Jacksonville Florida. He is a business owner of Jochae' Distributions. Rodney has his Masters in Psychology and has embarked on a new journey in the entertainment world; being introduced as an actor from Angry Insecure Men and now Business partner/Producer.

To make your sponsorship donation & support our efforts to educate and raise awareness against domestic violence, Mr. Rodney Staten / Angel Terron today via phone (678) 203-4311 - Tax ID- 46-3388028- Sun Biz- G1500120765

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