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GG World Brings Transparency to Global and National Lotteries

GG World is Set to Reinvigorate the Old-school Lotteries

Invest in fully licensed, government-regulated, global and national online lotteries with draw transparency based on Ethereum Smart Contracts

    TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, November 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The existing state of the global lottery industry is a far cry of what it could potentially be. Lack of transparency, outdated technologies, and desperate need for transformation are some of its main characteristics. GG World Lottery intends to change all that, providing fully online, government-regulated, and transparent national lotteries throughout the entire world.

GG World's solution will primarily function on mobile devices, effectively providing access to less-developed markets — such as Africa, where the company will introduce its first national lotteries. Mobile devices have the potential to completely replace outdated lottery hardware like terminals, tickets, scanners, monitors, ticket dispensers, and communication routers. They can also render retailer outlets irrelevant while providing various perks, such as push notifications, increased purchase rates and the ability to play from home.

GG International will start with introducing national, government-regulated lotteries in Africa. As no other company before, it goes the regulated road. GG International has already acquired 17 licenses in 12 countries. If there is an existing national lottery, GG International will become an official channel partner. The project is notably regulated, meaning it won't be getting shut down by governments for operating under shady practices. A large portion of the profits generated will be allocated to charities to help develop under-served territories.

All of the token holders are fully entitled to a lifetime share of the revenue based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win. In other words, every time someone wins the Jackpot, all of the investors are going to win together with him.

Another benefit of this revenue string is that it's completely passive and it requires no participation whatsoever. The dividends are paid quarterly based on all of the GG World Lottery Jackpot wins throughout the given period to all investors who provide their Ethereum address on the platform.

GG World Lottery is the first endeavor of the kind to implement True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Instead of using pseudo-random number generators as other lotteries have done in the past, GG World Lottery will guarantee that numbers are drawn entirely randomly, based on the quantum physics principle for natural randomness of the world.

The entire system will be closely monitored and certified by the world-class gaming certification business – Gaming Laboratories International. This will provide an additional layer of transparency and trustworthiness.

The project is not merely an idea, as the company has a solid backround and experience in the lottery industry. The company has alredy developed the best white label lottery software, empowering numerous lottery ticket-selling websites like These will also be used to promote and offer tickets for national lotteries and the GG World Lottery to reach a wider player base. The company has gathered a strong team led by CEO Mark Hutchinson – a great name in the lottery industry. Mark was a member of a founding state of Lotto America, which later became Powerball. He also worked on introducing first scratch card games in Latam countries and more than 25 lottery start-ups all over the world.

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GG World Lottery - Set to Change How People Play and Win