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Indie Short Horror Film on Indiegogo "Tonton Macoute" Fully Funded in One Hour and Keeps Drawing Support and Attention

Short film tells the story about a foolish teenager who is hunted by the Haitian Bogeyman after stealing from his grandmother

    BURBANK, CA, November 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- An Indiegogo campaign fully funded in only one hour was launched at in support of Tonton Macoute, an independent short horror film that tells the story of a teenager who is hunted down by the Haitian Bogeyman after stealing from his grandmother.

"I was amazed by the support that the project received when I saw our campaign being fully funded in less than one hour after our launch," stated Nigel Robinson, the writer, and director of the Tonton Macoute film. "This just shows how the small but committed audience that we've been building since we first started working on this project likes the concept, the story, and the goosebumps that the film is sure to offer to horror movie fans. Now, we can consider other options, as we still have 21 days to raise more funds," Mr. Robinson said.

The plot relates to Tonton Macoute, a character of Haiti's folklore that has become an urban legend. For generations, Haitian parents managed to make their children behave and stay close to them by telling them that, if they misbehaved, they would face Tonton Macoute, a mysterious man that goes out at night capturing bad children, stuffing them into his sack, and eating them for breakfast.

In this film, Jean-Claude, the teenager who is the main character, feels too grown up to still believe in such stories. Not fearing the consequences of his actions, Jean-Claude steals from his grandmother, only to find out that, believe him or not, Tonton Macoute does exist, and that he's coming to get him, along with his group of teenage friends who stand in the ruthless Haitian Boogeyman's way. "There's a moral lesson coming out from this film: you need to accept and face the consequences of your choices," detailed the crowdfunder.

In Haiti's history, the term "Tonton Macoute" has also gained another meaning. The "Tontons Macoute" was a special paramilitary force in Haiti created to support the rulings of dictator François "Papa Doc" Duvalier. This unit was given the name of "Tonton Macoute" precisely because they were known for disappearing people at night. They were ultimately known as a kidnapping and assassination squad that supported the repressive regime. The connection of this unit and its conduct with Haitian Folklore and even Vodou beliefs was very strong, in a country with a very spiritually-infused culture that influences people's views on social and even political issues.

"That's a real-life horror story that constituted a sad episode of Haitian history. Definitely, it should never take place again. Still, it also makes a captivating story to tell, considering the connection that it has with the Haitian Bogeyman, who is the bad guy in our film," Nigel Robinson further commented.

Seeking to raise $500 to complete post-production tasks and start marketing initiatives for the short film, the campaign at is now looking at more ambitious stretch goals, like the production of a feature-length version of the film, depending on the funds it ultimately raises. In exchange for their support, backers are even offered the chance of becoming Executive Producers of the short film.

Nigel Robinson, the writer and director of "Tonton Macoute", was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he spent his childhood performing in local theater. After high school, he decided to pursue his passions and earned his bachelor's degree in Television Broadcasting. A few years later, he enlisted in the United States Army as a Broadcast Journalist. During this time, he obtained multiple military broadcast awards, including Best Television News Story, Best B-Roll Package, Best Radio News Series, and Best PSA campaign. Nigel was also engaged in community service programs, like Big Brother Big Sister, local school reading programs, and performing as the station's mascot for various events. After completing his time of service, he continued his film education, going on to earn his Masters Degree in Film from the New York Film Academy.

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