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Unprotected USB Ports: Unthinkable Yesterday, Nearly Universal Today

The Connectivity Center offers a USB port security locking device that can help you secure the front door of cybersecurity, and they are ready today.

When a USB port security locking device is so effective, simple, and readily available, why, then, are they not in use all around us?

    HUNTSVILLE, AL, December 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- People have known for a long, long time that a USB port security locking device is a big deal – long before these devices weren't even available. The failure to protect ports with a USB port security locking device is like locking every window, installing every known electronic security device, but leaving the front door wide open. Without an effective USB port security locking device, every USB port in your data network or information system is an open invitation to malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, and all manner of disruptive events that could bring your operations to a halt and cost loads of time and money.

This makes no sense, but here it is. Those USB ports are yawning wide open even while companies spend $170 billion a year on cyber defense. Why? Because, for some reason, the popular imagination – and even the professional opinion to a large extent – has focused almost exclusively on cybersecurity threats that arrive online, from the cloud, or from Wi-Fi connections. How else could the USB port security locking device be so nearly overlooked?

Why Do Your USB Ports Matter?

The reasons that USB ports demand immediate attention and call for an effective USB port security locking device is that they are open not only to hostile actors, but also, and perhaps even more important, to casual contamination from well-meaning people – even and especially from associates within your own organization.

In government defense studies, university studies, and in high-profile instances from real-life experience, even the most highly trained, well-indoctrinated associates don't hesitate to pop a thumb drive into a USB port at work – even when work is highly-sensitive or classified, and even if they just found the thumb drive in the parking lot. The true stories of cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage that began just this way, with a "found" thumb drive introduced by an innocent but heedless associate, have had historic impact.

Mobile data devices, such as smart phones, are an even bigger hazard when it comes to casual contamination. Every one of them is like a digital Petri dish, gathering viruses and unwanted intrusions from the farthest reaches of the Web. Yet, who hesitates to plug that smart phone in at work, to sync or to charge?

When a USB port security locking device is so effective, simple, and readily available, why, then, are they not in use all around us? The answer is simply a new chapter of an old story. The old story is human nature; the new chapter is the digital age.

The Need for a USB Port Security Locking Device

These same tendencies have prompted people to plug pernicious "found" flash drives into vital data systems, and to charge or sync their personal mobile device at work. The same kind of laps of logic has led to the physical sector of the cyber defense perimeter to remain almost completely unguarded, even though the USB port security locking device is effective, affordable, and readily available at The Connectivity Center, which offers an evolving array of USB port blockers, network port locks, fiber optic port locks, and dozens of other devices that overcome these the of attack or infection.

The USB port security locking device is only one of the essential network security devices you can get from The Connectivity Center that ensure the continual flow of vital data on which your enterprise depends. Our experience, quality, variety, value, and versatility are at your service, too.

About The Connectivity Center

The Connectivity Center is a supplier of some of the leading physical cyber security and AV connection technologies. The company is especially known for its Smart Keeper series – a portfolio of physical data security products. The Connectivity Center brand prides itself in quality, value, variety, and versatility. We want to be a one stop shop for most of your connectivity needs and we love to serve our partners in this evolving industry.

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