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Product Protocol - A Revolution in Attracting Investments

    SEOUL, KOREA, January 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today one of the main upsides of cryptocurrencies is the ability to make a cross-border transfer of funds to any place on earth in a matter of minutes or even seconds and with minimal fees. The absence of third party intermediaries like banks is also a substantial advantage, in comparison with traditional financial systems.

But what advantages do cryptocurrencies give to enterprises in the traditional fiat world? First, behind cryptocurrencies is the base technology - blockchain, which, once implemented into business processes, can positively influence performance of individual companies. Second, thanks to the rise of ICOs many companies and startups successfully raise funds for business development and development of new technologies, which are mainly blockchain related.

However, according to research, in the near future blockchain will be used mainly for tokenization of assets. Product Protocol is committed to merge blockchain technology with demands of any fiat business, especially with regards to attracting investments. Not every business is prepared to launch a large-scale ICO, issue tokens, maintain its demand and implement it into it own business processes. Product Protocol takes it upon itself to carry out all these tasks. This way any product on the platform can be tokenized, given an attractive package and offered to an unlimited number of recipients on favourable terms, and all this without having to conduct an ICO.

Product Protocol believes that we stand on the precipice of global tokenization, where traditional economic models will gradually evolve by virtue of advantages that the blockchain technology provides. Already it's not hard to imagine a small or medium-sized enterprise given the ability to offer their product to clients around the world thanks to the tokenization process. Without borders, quickly, conveniently, without being stalled by bureaucratic red tape. This is a new world, where transaction speed, customer base and the trans-border nature of crypto - all reach a new level.

Product Protocol is a tokenizations service, an in-house marketplace, a commodity exchange and investment attraction services for small and medium-sized business. This is a real project that utilized all the advantages of new technologies for real world application not in a distant future, but here and now. This is a service for an unlimited number of professionals and crypto revolution enthusiasts, where the top priorities are usability and benefits for all parties, no matter their expertise, economic status and location. It's a convenient service for businesses to tokenize assets, attract investments and gain new clients.

In 2018 Product Protocol has received positive feedback from industry professionals. We have made private presentations to investors and signed first letters of intent on cooperation with the several people from the business community. In the Q2 of 2019 we plan to launch our tokenization service and the first version of the marketplace. Product Protocol aims to launch all planned services, including Product Protocol Agreement (guaranteed sale of blockchain assets for the agreed upon price), before the middle of 2020 and also raise the number of our business partners to a 100.

"Real asset tokenization and blockchain asset creation is not just a dud for geeks or an exclusive technology for market professionals anymore. It's the future of global economy. Universal adoption of cryptocurrencies and real sector tokenization will occur in the immediate future."

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