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ScheduleCleaner - Share .xer Project Schedule Data With Confidence

ScheduleCleaner is a new software that allows project schedulers, planners, managers and other users to remove or anonymize data deemed confidential within XER project files.

"We built ScheduleCleaner to help you share your project files with confidence because we know the major concerns when sharing .xer schedule data."

    MALMOE, SWEDEN, February 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Following the recent re-branding of the viewer for XER, XML and XLS files, the team behind ScheduleReader has introduced the newest member of their product portfolio - ScheduleCleaner.

The new ScheduleCleaner is a Windows desktop application, which allows project schedulers, planners, contractors and other project participants to remove or anonymize data deemed confidential within .xer project files.

ScheduleReader's R&D manager, Erdem Ali, says they know the major concers when sharing .xer files:

" We built ScheduleCleaner to help you share your project files with confidence because we know that some of the major concerns when sharing schedule data as .xer files are:

- Sensitive project data within XER files
- Redundant and repetitive steps when data is removed manually
- Loss of information when modifying XER "

ScheduleCleaner enables users to clean .xer and reduce redundant and repetitive steps by creating, saving and reusing multiple templates containing different modifying settings to a single or group (Batch Clean) of XER files.

The application is designed to enable scheduling and planning personnel to take control of the project data within .xer files shared within and outside of an organization, tailoring it to the specific needs of the different project stakeholders.

ScheduleCleaner produces a filtered copy of the schedule which can be further shared with various project stakeholders.

This approach ensures that the receiving party has access to project information found necessary for performing their duties and all other confidential data within the project schedule remain visible only to the owner of the original .xer file.


With ScheduleCleaner users can remove values for different project data categories in the XER project files such as costs, units, rates, POBS and more. In addition to removing functionality you can mask the intended meaning of specific project data, so that they are less clear and more difficult for others to understand.

In order to keep the project data base clean ScheduleCleaner contains a feature that converts global data into project data, keeping the project data unique without allowing pollution at source, specifically when working with calendars and activity codes.


- Ensure schedule integrity and data security when sharing .xer files
- Save time spent on manual clean
- Avoid database pollution from unwanted data
- Cut intermediary DB maintenance and investment costs

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