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Stealth Adapted Viruses Are Contributing to the Opioid Epidemic

Research at MI Hope Inc. is directed at enhancing the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway with a life-force energy termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). This energy can be provided by KELEA excellerated water.

    SOUTH PASADENA, CA, March 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The United States Congress is providing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with an additional 800 million dollars per year to study the opioid epidemic. It is unlikely that any of this money will address the evidence of brain damage being caused by the human transmission of stealth adapted viruses. These viruses do not normally evoke inflammation because of deletion or mutation of the genes coding for the relatively few virus components normally targeted by the cellular immune system. Stealth adapted viruses were described in a major pathology journal in 1994. The research met with political opposition from public health authorities, including the NIH, when it was shown in 1995 that some stealth adapted viruses were derived from the cytomegalovirus of African green monkeys. Cytomegalovirus infected monkeys were routinely used to produce poliovirus vaccines. Moreover, monkey cytomegalovirus DNA has been detected in some previously approved polio vaccines. The inadvertent use of cytomegalovirus contaminated experimental polio vaccines in Africa provides a likely explanation for the emergence of HIV.

Because of the complex workings of the brain, it is particularly susceptible to even limited localized cellular damage from stealth adapted viruses. Severe behavioral illness occurred in cats inoculated with monkey-derived stealth adapted virus, which was cultured from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. Stealth adapted viruses were cultured from numerous patients with neurological and psychiatric illnesses over a 10-year period. Diagnostic testing for stealth adapted viruses was discontinued in 2002, when it was declared by the Federal Government as placing the Nation's health in "immediate jeopardy."

In spite of having copies of detailed procedure manuals, as best can be determined, no efforts have been made by public health officials to specifically culture patients' blood samples for stealth adapted viruses. Monkey-derived stealth adapted virus was forwarded to both the Los Angeles County and the California State public health laboratories, but seemingly disregarded. Similarly, efforts to communicate information regarding stealth adapted viruses to senior officials at the NIH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been ineffective. The impression is that these senior officials do not want to acknowledge the existence of stealth adapted viruses. This is in spite of the overwhelming confirmatory DNA sequence data on some of these viruses and of several supportive peer-reviewed publications. This failure has meant that the vast majority of public health officials and advisory committee members have no inkling about stealth adapted viruses. They have not been informed that these viruses are potentially contributing to neuropsychiatric illnesses, including opioid addiction.

Even though stealth adapted viruses can normally evade the cellular immune system, they can be suppressed by the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This source of cellular energy is different from that provided by the calories in food. It comes from an external force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction), which is essentially similar to what many spiritual practitioners have called the universal life force. Humans mainly obtain KELEA for the ACE pathway through the fluctuating electrical activity of the brain and probably muscles. It can also be obtained through the consumption or even by being in close contact with KELEA activated water (also referred to as KELEA excellerated water).

In a recent study, it was shown that manmade electromagnetic radiation can reduce the amount of naturally available KELEA. The levels of manmade electromagnetic radiation have increased by at least a million-fold over the last hundred years. This reduction in naturally available KELEA is undoubtedly causing more individuals to have insufficient cellular energy. It argues well that everyone should be additionally supporting their ACE pathway by using KELEA excellerated water. This simple approach to enhancing the ACE pathway certainly deserves to be immediately tested to those addicted to opioids. Indeed, in the few already tested individuals, rather dramatic discontinuation of opioids has been achieved using KELEA excellerated water. One such individual provided the following insights into his illness. Even though he was initially prescribed oxycontin for pain, this had become an excuse for the real reason he was continuing with the medication. It was now providing temporary relief from a devastating sense of mental and physical exhaustion. Upon consuming KELEA excellerated water, he regained his capacity to resist taking any further oxycontin. Neuronal hyperactivity, which can manifest as heightened pain sensitivity, can be viewed as a cellular response to insufficient cellular energy. Heightened pain sensitivity can, therefore, also potentially be relieved by enhancing the ACE pathway.

In conclusion, brain damage caused by the epidemic transmission of stealth adapted viruses and aggravated by the lowered levels of naturally available KELEA life force energy, are likely contributing factors to the current opioid crisis. Senior public health officials have been reluctant to engage in open discussions on issues relating to probable major adverse consequences of vaccines. There is a potentially simple answer to the opioid epidemic in the use of KELEA excellerated water. Efforts to distribute and optimize the clinical use of KELEA excellerated water are worthy of Government's involvemnt.

The author is the Medical Director of MI Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity founded in 1988 to support those with mental illnesses. MI Hope Inc. is currently addressing the growing epidemic of opioid addiction. Volunteers are being sought for clinical trials based on promoting the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway using KELEA excellerated water. Inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

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