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The Stone Register, America's Preeminent Boutique Marketing Firm, Celebrates Steady Growth and Strong Client Support, Rolls Out New Services For a Landmark Q2

This New York-based, global marketing firm specializes in high-end advertising, business promotions, and legacy services. The Stone Register continues to grow in 2019, expanding its offerings and honing corporate strategy to become a household name.

To witness this level of professional growth is simply unheard of for most people. Frankly, the end result is why our clients remain so loyal. It is why they entrust us with their valuable brand.

    NEW YORK, NY, May 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Following a landmark 2018, which culminated in a year-end series of Times Square billboard campaigns and news articles, The Stone Register has barely had time to catch its collective breath. From one projection-shattering year into another, the company's enviable track record continues to speak for itself. Handling accounts of all sizes (in most industries, all over the world) its client roster has grown exponentially since only months ago. Fortunately, the company's ownership and management was ready for this to happen. They not only enhanced their existing services, but also prepared a fresh slate of brand new offerings for 2019. The rollout of these exciting developments has already begun in earnest, as management predicts an sustained and stellar second quarter performance.

The Stone Register continues to offer premium signage and promotional opportunities in one of the most bustling, iconic venues in the world: Times Square, New York City. Qualifying clients are routinely enrolled in the ongoing series of ad campaigns, wherein their brand is displayed "larger-than-life"​ on some of Manhattan's most recognizable and exclusive Times Square locations; namely, the Thomson Reuters display and the iconic Nasdaq MarketSite tower (3 and 4 Times Square, respectively). The Stone Register currently has access to twelve individual billboards producing exemplary results at the "crossroads of the world", as Times Square is fittingly known.

"Sometimes clients worry that their target audience might not be New Yorkers, necessarily. The point they miss is that advertising in Manhattan can have everything or nothing to do with New Yorkers," explained the corporate ownership team in a recent statement, "It's the photos and videos of the event that will give clients the real mileage when these things light up their web pages and social media."​ The firm's billboard advertising portfolio is set to expand further before the end of 2019.

The most popular services offered by The Stone Register are their press release and news article campaigns. Through their industry contacts via partnerships, clients' news and announcements are dispatched globally, and guaranteed to be covered by most major news network affiliates throughout the United States: ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. This includes countless other, more localized news organizations as well. The Stone Register's business development team will write, edit, coordinate, and carry out a client's press release campaign to completion, covering all bases.

"This all-in-one practice is especially attractive to our clients because they really don't have to lift a finger," states S.W. Miliano, Partner, "After providing the raw content and approving the finished story, they'll sit back and watch as it all comes together. We like to take as much burden off the clients as possible, so they can do what they do best, uninterrupted."

Following each premium press release, comprehensive reports will allow clients to track their progress, and understand exactly how their campaign performed within the larger news cycle. Mr. Miliano continues: "These press release reports are not only informative, they're quite thrilling as well. We generate an amazing amount of news coverage in a very short time. To witness this level of professional growth is simply unheard of for most people. Frankly, the end result is why our clients remain so loyal. It is why they entrust us with their valuable brand."

The Stone Register has offered website production services since day one. However, it wasn't until 2019 that this service began to eclipse several others, yielding its own "cottage industry" of sorts within the larger framework. It's no coincidence that a staggering number of The Stone Register's clients have come to rely on TSR for the design and management of their official websites. As with their other services, the company offers a spare-no-expense approach to website design and maintenance. This ensures that Stone Register websites stand out above others, no matter the industry or competition. In a revolutionary move, The Stone Register never charges its clients for standard website updates, no matter what kind, or how many. Company ownership has collectively stated in the past: "Our web design philosophy is rooted in the concept of one all-inclusive investment with optional upgrades and term extensions, but there are absolutely no individual update fees, no matter the size of the job. Our clients save literally thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars when you compare this to the alternative."

The Stone Register has always been a marriage of traditional quality and forward-thinking technology, and this has never been more true than it is in 2019. Recently, an extended suite of internet services was introduced to augment TSR's client websites, including analytics measurement (via Google Analytics) with customized, detailed reporting; multi-layered search engine optimization; and algorithmic web traffic generation. These tech-friendly services are being rolled out regularly, and they're only the beginning.

And let's not forget about the awards community: The Stone Register has a steadily growing base of wall and desk piece enthusiasts, and TSR is more than happy to indulge them. It is well known that The Stone Register itself does not bestow honors of any kind unto its clients (being a marketing firm), but they do provide attractive and unique ways to display existing honors. In addition to the company's signature marble and granite offerings, they recently introduced crystal glass works, wood and stone hybrid awards, personalized creations, and much more. The materials used continue the company's "best or nothing at all" approach.  

"Maybe we had to broaden the definition of 'marketing' a little bit in order to justify the existence of our awards division," says Eddy Alfred, Partner, "But all of our pieces seem to become huge conversation pieces in people's offices and homes. Clearly, we're doing something right — and it's a lot of fun for us as well!"

Also new for 2019 has been the gradual introduction of online radio and video biography production. Whether a client wants to create his or her own podcast series, or commission a celebratory overview of lifetime achievement, The Stone Register is well-equipped to handle the assignment. The company has also doubled down on its efforts to provide many more clients with professional logos and graphic advertising for print and multimedia, two popular services offered since TSR's early days, but now poised for development and expansion in 2019. Mr. Alfred states: "We have a virtually endless network of team contributors, which means the finished product has passed through a multitude of levels of quality control before it reaches you. If the work we provide isn't the absolute best you've ever seen, then we're not doing our job as marketers."

The Stone Register is a New York-based, global-servicing marketing firm specializing in high end advertising, business solutions, and legacy development. It was founded upon the premise that no corporation or individual should ever be relegated to fifth-rate service due to inexperience or budgetary restrictions. Representatives of nearly all industries benefit from The Stone Register's experience and interactive approach to building brands and preserving legacies.

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