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Adapting Outplacement to Today's Business Environment

Broadening Outplacement's Scope and Usefulness – Expanding Coverage and Scope while Eliminating Cost as a Barrier to Adoption

    SAN DIEGO, CA, May 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In its earlier days, outplacement was expensive and limited in scope. As a labor- and resource-intensive benefit, its cost was justified, but cost also limited its use. The idea of outplacement as an everyday HR benefit was not a viable option.

What's Changed
Since those early days, the world has gone digital. Easy access to sophisticated tools and resources has greatly impacted how job search assistance is delivered. User learning and support preferences have changed accordingly.

New models of outplacement are bringing outplacement and transition services to the masses. Things like full- and self-service options, customization, and availability through non-traditional providers are enabling broader coverage and slashing cost. New concepts like ultra-outplacement include added features such as zero-cost models, as well as low cost branding and subscription options.

New Uses for Outplacement
Once you eliminate cost as a barrier, the possibilities are endless. One can now use outplacement for things that were previously considered out of the question. Examples include:

- Covering 100% of the workforce, regardless of position or reason for separation
- Covering entire populations of seasonal employees in the retail sector
- Making outplacement a key strategy for managing unemployment compensation costs
- Helping military veterans transition to the civilian workforce

The Changed Outplacement Landscape
"New models have enabled outplacement and transition services to be provided directly by employers, payroll companies, staffing firms, employee benefit companies, or any other HR service provider," said Jeff Rogers, CEO at Job Hunter Pro. "In fact, any organization serving people who need help getting a job, including social service agencies, can now offer outplacement and job transition support services at little or no cost."

New and flexible features also make it easy for one outplacement model to supplement another model, thereby filling gaps in coverage due to cost or other barriers to full coverage. By eliminating cost as a barrier, providing 100% workforce coverage is easily within reach.

Helping people get and stay employed is good for employers, business, and society as a whole. Organizations seeking socially responsible workforce solutions have a new choice that will help make outplacement and transition services a mainstream employee benefit.

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About Job Hunter Pro
Job Hunter Pro provides zero- and low-cost solutions to employers and others who support displaced, transitioning, and job seeking employees. Our solutions are designed to be "win/win" with built-in HCM cost containment and risk management capabilities.
Community Support: We are committed to socially responsible solutions. Any non-profit or military veteran support organization can use our solutions at zero cost.

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