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Math Nation Offering 6-8 OER Math Program at Half The Price

Math Nation is making OER Math curriculum more accessible for all school systems.

    GAINESVILLE, FL, July 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Math Nation/Algebra Nation, the premier provider of high school math video tutorials, with over 1,000,000 users, has released a comprehensive middle school mathematics curriculum using the top-rated Open Up Resources Math 6-8 half the cost of other providers. The content from Open Up Resources (written by Illustrative Mathematics) has received the top rating from EdReports and is used by hundreds of districts throughout the country.

With the release of Math Nation's version of these high-quality instructional materials, schools finally have a truly low-cost option for the Open Up Resources 6-8 Math materials (written by Illustrative Mathematics) for the classroom. Math Nation has leveraged their expertise in the development of color workbooks and online platforms to provide this content at a cost of just $12.00 per student per year, including two-volume color workbook set and two-day shipping. Schools that purchase a minimum of $480 (40 students) will receive digital access to Math Nation's 6-8 programs. In addition to providing the content in a workbook format, Math Nation also provides a robust website and iOS/Android mobile apps offering engaging student lesson tutorial videos, fully digital textbook, online practice, Teacher Professional Learning videos, and a moderated Teacher community for extra support.

Rachael Smilowitz, Middle School Math District Instructional Specialist in Charleston County School District (SC) shared, "We are so excited! With the cost of the workbooks being half the price, we can purchase for twice as many schools!"

John Morris, Secondary Math Specialist in Hernando County School District (FL) stated, "Our teachers have used Math Nation for high school math for several years now and are very excited to now add the new middle grades content as our core curriculum this fall!"

Katie Moore, Secondary Math Coach in Walton County School District (FL) agreed, "Walton County loves the Open Up Resources, and we are thrilled that Math Nation is offering the workbooks at a fraction of the cost. We can't wait to use them this school year!"

Ethan Fieldman, co-director of Math Nation explained, "Every teacher deserves the best instructional materials at a cost that every school can afford, but decision-makers have always had to choose either high-quality or low-cost. However, at $12.00 per student including color workbooks and incredible digital resources, this undesirable trade-off no longer exists. We're proud to have made this step to finally fulfill the promise of Open Educational Resources (OER). At Math Nation our focus is on high-quality materials at a lower cost; this is accomplished by selling outside of traditional channels such as national conferences and mass marketing which can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to a provider's expenses -- and is passed directly onto the customer through higher prices."

The Open Up Resources 6-8 Math curriculum can be downloaded free of charge at Math Nation augments the curriculum with minor edits/updates, color workbooks, and digital resources (including highly-engaging streaming video) for $12.00 per student per year (including shipping). Virtual PD is also included, and (optional) in-person PD is available at half the cost of other providers.

To preview the new middle school offerings, visit

Math Nation/Algebra Nation was co-developed in 2012 by the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning and Study Edge to provide online math resources for students in Algebra 1. Since then, Math Nation has evolved dramatically -- this blended learning solution has grown to support over 20,000 teachers and over 1,000,000 students across the United States.

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