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Soul Designs Turns Heads In Times Square with Powerful 10-Billboard Advertisement, "Leadership Without Limits" Management Program is Another Triumph for Lerae Gidyk

Soul Designs is pleased to announce their latest training program, "Leadership Without Limits." To celebrate this successful launch Soul Designs is being featured on 10 Times Square billboards.

There are no problems, only opportunities.

    SCOTCH CREEK, BC, July 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Soul Designs Coaching is now accustomed to high profile coverage, but not this high. Earlier this year, Lerae Gidyk and her groundbreaking company were featured in a nationwide news article detailing their "A+ philosophy in 2019." In case you missed that big story which was featured on major network affiliates throughout North America, including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, Soul Designs' triple-A approach is rooted in Action, Accomplishment and Amazement. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy to be sure. Based on the strength of their brand, and the boundless ambition of their creator, Soul Designs set an impossibly high bar for itself in the first weeks of the new year. Incredibly, Ms. Gidyk not only met expectations in barely six months, she shattered them (along with many Soul Designs company records) and raised the bar even higher.

She's raised the bar so high, in fact, New Yorkers in Times Square today may end up with some serious neck soreness tomorrow. Many will have had to crane their necks up, up, up in order to see the absolutely stunning Soul Designs advertisement playing out above them. How could the average passer-by watch in anything but complete awe? The advertisement itself very wisely stays true to the eminently recognizable and globally respected brand recognition that goes hand in hand with Soul Designs; their aesthetic motifs, philosophical concepts, informative nature, and all of the comforting, inviting qualities that have become synonymous with Soul Designs.

Few companies in the world will ever see their brand on one Times Square billboard, let alone 10, which is testament to the importance of the Soul Designs brand. However, this ad was not just general promotion; it was all carried out in order to celebrate the successful launch of Leadership Without Limits, the new leadership and management effectiveness program. That is how strongly Lerae Gidyk feels about promoting the success of this exciting, new offering by her company. She believes that Leadership Without Limits is, in many ways, a culmination of her coaching efforts and philosophies up to this point.

Lerae Gidyk truly believes that the key to strong leadership lies within everyone, and Soul Designs is here to assist in locating that key. With their Leadership Without Limits service clients are allowed and encouraged explore their own hidden potential, and discover how they've been limiting their own ability to lead others effectively. It is designed to change people's minds about how they've been going about leadership as a concept, and also to provide them with in-depth exercises, tools, resources, and coaching. This allows the beneficiaries of Ms. Gidyk's coaching to lead from a different perspective; one of profound influence, impact and ease. LWOL (Leadership Without Limits) is a 6-week online course that includes weekly group coaching and follow-up support to ensure the effective application of the learned material. The course begins on September 26, 2019, and is sure to be another groundbreaking success for Soul Designs Coaching.

Ask yourself: if LWOL wasn't a big deal, would it be making such an impact in New York City as you read this article today?

Prior to LWOL, there will be a special event this week, on Wednesday, July 17, 2019; the Leadership Without Limits Q & A. This event offers a free 30-60 minute question-and-answer forum where people can learn more about the upcoming LWOL event. Ms. Gidyk is especially excited to speak with her ever-growing audience. She is sure to bring passion, laughter and emotion to the proceedings, as LWOL is deeply meaningful to her. Whether you're thinking about joining Leadership Without Limits, or you're already enrolled, Wednesday's Q & A promises to be an enjoyable, informative time for all.

Lerae Gidyk was one of the very first leadership coaches ever, and is arguably still the best. A true pioneer of the industry, she has established over the years an intricate system of helping people of all types. Her unique mixture of powerful intuition, masterful coaching skills and an uncanny ability to shift perspective allows others to change their minds about how they lead. This allows them to unlock incredible potential as a result. She has led Soul Designs over the years from being relatively unknown to being a household name in leadership coaching. Soul Designs is staffed with a powerful team of coaches well equipped to handle any and all challenges which may come their way. With a decades-long track record of success stories and groundbreaking revelations, Soul Designs has firmly established itself as the preeminent leadership coaching firm of Canada. Whether assisting in corporate leadership, personal mentorship or any of the other many specialties of this group, the experts on staff are highly trained to get to the bottom of any given situation; to locate and expose weaknesses in order to eradicate them and turn the energy into a positive life force.

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