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LifeBiotic's Botanical Formula Gives New Hope for Bladder Cancer Patients

Patented botanical formula LCS103 shows an 80% decrease in bladder cancer recurrence rate in a recent case series clinical trial

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Despite many breakthroughs in cancer treatments, bladder cancer is still one of the most aggressive types of cancer. Its rate of recurrence within the first two years of diagnosis is 61% and up to 75% within 10 years, not a promising outlook.

Although conventional treatments for bladder cancer, such as surgical removal of the bladder, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, are widely used, they show little effect on bladder cancer's high recurrence rate.

LCS103, a U.S. patented herbal formula made from a unique combination of botanicals, was specifically developed by the Israeli-based biotech company LifeBiotic to help reduce the recurrence of bladder cancer.

LifeBiotic recently conducted a scientific study on this, done by collaborating teams of oncologists and urologists at leading Israeli hospitals. The clinical trial included 20 bladder cancer patients who took specified doses of the LCS103 formula while they received conventional bladder cancer treatments.

As a result of decade of clinical development and observation a follow up of consecutive cases for over a two-year period, the cancer recurrence rate of these patients that took LCS103 was just 10% (2 patients). This shows a dramatic 80% decrease of recurrence compared to the normal average expected cancer recurrence rate of 60% (12 patients).

This carefully monitored scientific human study further indicates that botanical formula LCS103 has the potentially beneficial effect to prevent recurrence of bladder cancer among patients, including those who are at elevated risk, i.e., smokers and patients with prior recurrence.

Along with this reduced recurrence rate, all 20 bladder cancer patients also reported improvement in their quality of life. This includes less pain and reduced urgency and frequency in urination.

They also indicated relief from general fatigue and experienced feelings of "overall improved well-being." None of these 20 patients reported any adverse effects that can be tied to LifeBiotic's LCS103 natural botanical formula.

Research on LCS103's Anti-Cancer Effect
An additional pre-clinical study on the anti-cancer effects of the LCS103 formula was conducted on bladder cancer cell lines. Results showed that 98% of the cancer cells were killed within 72 hours after they came in contact with the LCS103 formula. These results are greatly encouraging and additional research is planned to further test the efficacy of LCS103.

By the end of 2019, LifeBiotic will begin a large double-blind clinical trial in the coming months, using the formula LCS103 to treat a number of bladder cancer patients. Some patients will be taking the formula, some will be given a placebo. This planed trial will take place in multiple medical centers in Israel and the U.S.

About LifeBiotic
LifeBiotic is an Israeli-based biotech company that develops natural botanical products designed to improve overall health as well as help reduce the debilitating effects of conventional cancer treatment.

LifeBiotic's patented botanical formulas, LCS101 (Protectival), was the subject of evidence-based scientific research regarding its multi-targeted approach to cancer care. This important study was published in 9 leading academic oncology journals that serve the medical profession. LifeBiotic was recently honored when UNESCO selected this research on Protectival to present to its global medical community.

All LifeBiotic products, available world-wide without prescription, have been created through the innovative approach of combining traditional medical knowledge with both cutting edge technology and objective, evidence-based scientific research.

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