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Glenis Hargreaves Launches Her New Book "Gratitude Transformation"

Book Becomes International Best Seller

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, October 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Glenis Hargreaves launched her book "Gratitude Transformation" and it became a best seller on October 2nd, 2019. In her book, Glenis shares how nearly losing her life was how she learned how to live.

In this short read Glenis shares with the secrets to truly living life. A life of gratitude that will truly transform everything you do. Live your life with intention, with gratitude. You have so much. Learn how to live your life with that in mind. God is crazy in love with you and wants you to be crazy in love with yourself.

Whatever has happened in your life, you can turn that around. Glenis says, "I lost my life so that I could learn to live." You can live a life of gratitude. You can live the life that God has for you to live. There is no place in your life that you can go that is too far away for God to have a plan, for Him to make your life not just good, but to be great. He will always be able to transform hardship and trial into something beautiful.

Where Glenis ended up seems inconceivable from where she is today. In this book, she will help you make that same gratitude transformation and truly live!

Glenis says, "I wake up every morning grateful for my life and throughout my day I now intentionally look for things to be grateful for."

"All of us need more gratitude in our lives. This book has so many simple yet massively impactful tips on how to live as a grateful person." Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur

90% of the proceeds from this book goes to the people of The Bahamas & 10% to the child of the man that hit Glenis. You can get the book on Amazon:

Glenis Hargreaves is a wife, mom of four delicious adult children, but her favorite job is being "Glamma Glenis" to Ella, Lily, Bella & David. If they were allowed to swear, they would swear that she is the best "Glamma" there is. Glenis wears many personal and professional hats. She is a licensed public insurance adjuster and has adjusted claims for over thirty-one years on the side of policyholders. She currently holds licenses in California - where she is convinced God lives, New Jersey, Texas and Florida - where she believes God has his second home. She is the CEO of Your Recovery Team Inc. Recovery is her business and ministry as she is a recovering addict sober for twenty-seven years by God's grace. She, and her husband, Corey, are the co-owners of Fitness 4 Everybody. She is a fitness competitor and a Team Beachbody Coach who enjoys leading her online team, "Team Gratitude." She is also a real estate broker and owns God's Home 4 U Realty & Investments LLC. Glenis is a writer, speaker, breakthrough specialist, and a Gratitude Coach. She owns multiple companies, but her most recent accomplishment is Gratitude Transformation Ministries Inc., a non-profit organization created to help people growing in their knowledge of God and to empower them to grow in gratitude. Glenis wants her life legacy to be Gratitude Transformation. She believes we all have difficulties in life, but it is the story and meaning we give to them that matters. She decided, once and for all, to be extremely grateful and transparent about her most intimate private life to be able to help others embrace their own Gratitude Transformation. She has learned that every single day is a blessing from God. She is forever grateful to God for giving her the courage to release this book to start a Gratitude movement like never before all over the world. Glenis believes we have been blessed with abundance, and because of this we need to share our stories of Gratitude and thanksgiving to God for all He has done. She believes we were born for such a time as this and knows that we are the right people to rebuild the Bahamas in God speed. She wants you to join her in this movement.

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