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Exspeedite Trucking Software Sponsors the Fast Racecar

As old as the transportation and trucking industry is, the industry is getting innovation every day. This can be seen in the latest growth in the use of software in the industry. Technology is playing a huge role in logistics and trucking today.

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Just as the trucking industry is competitive, car racing is also a competitive sport. Which calls for a unique approach in tackling the industry. Exspeedite is bringing an entirely new approach in the industry with its unique trucking software.

This software product has been painstakingly developed by experts in the trucking software industry to solve transportation management problems for trucking companies, regardless of the size of their operations.

Exspeedite trucking software comes with a unique mobile tracking capability which can be uniquely integrated with any vendor using an API. The Exspeedite enterprise trucking software technology is designed not only for today but with the future in mind.

Exspeedite stands for success in the trucking industry and they are out and ready to sponsor successful brands. Therefore, as the industry grows and your trucking company grows, Exspeedite has been positioned to grow with you all the way.

Exspeedite trucking software remains different and remarkable from the rest trucking software providers available for small to mid-size trucking companies with its specialized enterprise trucking software structure which allows trucking companies that use the software to compete with the larger trucking companies.

Exspeedite Sponsored Fast Racecar for Winners

Apart from being the top trucking software for freight transportation, Exspeedite is doing some good sponsorship for a racecar. Much like the Exspeedite software, the racecar which Exspeedite sponsors is just built to win.

The Exspeedite racecar comes equipped with top-notch equipment requirements for the race tracks, including the correct engine size to ensure a winning racecar hits the race tracks all the time.

If optimizing your trucking operations is the goal of your enterprise, then, you do not have to look further than the Exspeedite trucking software. So if you are talking about trucking software optimization and the business of motorsports sponsorship, Exspeedite has got the winning combination to keep you engaged and moving forward.

Who Controls The Fast Car On The Race Tracks

We can't talk about Exspeedite racecar sponsorship without talking about the driver, the man who controls the racecar on the race tracks. Nate R. Servaty is the man in control of the Exspeedite sponsored racecar. And Servaty's performance on the race tracks has been second-to-none.

Nate R. Servaty stands undisputed as among the best drivers on the race tracks. And as a country boy, he loves and enjoys the outdoors. You do not want to take hunting and fishing away from him.

Nathan Richard Servaty was born on May 5, 1992, and as far as the race tracks are concerned, he has held on to an interesting career as a Central Minnesota WISSOTA hornet racer. He commenced his hornet racing career at a very young age.

If you look at Exspeedite and the racecar driver side by side you can see the similarities. Just as Servaty, who did not just find himself in hornet racing, as he really enjoys welding on Derby cars, mud trucks, race cars, trailers and even farm equipment which he has been doing from a very young age having grown around the sport for many years.

Exspeedite and the developers behind this amazing software have devoted more than 15 years to solving trucking software problems. So experience and expertise are what is behind Exspeedite trucking software, their racecar sponsorship and other undertakings of the enterprise.

History Of Successful Exspeedite Racecar Sponsorship

To give us a clearer picture of the success of the Exspeedite sponsored driver on the race tracks, here is how the driver has performed since 2017, which is a testament to the can-do spirit at Exspeedite. Where success is achieved no matter the obstacles and challenges.

In the year 2017:

• 2nd in national rookie points 2017.
• 11th for the WISSOTA national points.
• 3rd place points grainite CITY Speedway 2017.
• Rookie of the year grainite CITY Speedway 2017.

For the year 2018, Servaty also showed an outstandingly remarkably performance.
Here's how he stood at the end of 2018:

• 11th WISSOTA national points with only 19 shows.
• 2nd place points Ogilvie Raceway.
• 5th place grainite city with only 6 shows.
• Mn modified nationals night 1 winner (1st feature win).

In this current year 2019; the racing campaign has also seen remarkable success. It indeed has
been a great points season. This is how it stands:

• 31 Wissota shows at different 7 tickets.
• 4th in national Wissota points.
• Track points champion at Ogilvie raceway.
• Second place points Granite City Speedway.
• 7 feature wins.
• 10 heat wins.
• 24 top 5 finishes.

It is important to state here that racing truly is a lifestyle many people don't understand.

This has also been clearly stated by Nate R Servaty as he has mentioned that it has been a lot of work for him to get to where he is at.

Servaty, being a grateful heart, has shown appreciation and thanked everyone who has helped him along the way to achieve his success, and you know that the Exspeedite sponsorship has contributed in no small measure to the success of Nate Servaty as a racecar driver.


You can see that Exspeedite is not just another trucking software out there. But rather it offers a lot of value for the truck owner and trucking businesses generally.

In seeking to sponsor a racecar driver, Exspeedite went for the best driver in the most common form of auto racing especially in the United States of America which is the dirt track racing category where Nate is involved.

Next year, 2020, is going to be an even more remarkable year for the Exspeedite racecar sponsorship as we will be reconstructing the program and looking to move up to a different class next year. You know you have to stay tuned for updates as we promise to let you in on the latest developments as they happen.

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