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Harassment in the Workplace Still Rising Despite 'Stop Sexual Harassment' Laws

The multi-dimensional team at Nagele, Knowles & Associates has been assisting organizations to create a more healthy and harmonious atmosphere at their workplace for many years. Today, as we enter a new decade, this message is more urgent than ever.

The consequences to violations now have 'teeth'—putting employers at peril who ignore compliance requirements.

    YOUNGSTOWN, NY, December 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- While Sexual Harassment laws have helped to raise awareness of this workplace culture problem, sexual harassment within the workplace is still on the rise. Workplace Violence Prevention specialists Nagele, Knowles & Associates have been working to address this concern, and have released a free guide detailing how Organizations and Leaders can reduce the risk of workplace violence—including sexual harassment in the workplace.

Earlier this year the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) revealed that despite increased legislation in prevention, the number of sexual harassment charges filed with them increased by 13.6%. The law requires employers to conduct anti-sexual harassment training for all employees. New York State has the strictest sexual harassment prevention laws in our nation. While it has taken a year to fully roll out, now all employers in the state are required to be compliant; most other states have followed suit. The consequences to violations now have "teeth"—putting employers at peril who ignore compliance requirements.

This is partly in response to the "Me Too" movement, but more-so, because OSHA recognizes that Combating Sexual Harassment not only fits as a stand-alone training requirement, but also meshes with overall Workplace Violence Prevention and Respectful Workplace measures. OSHA requires Employers to provide a "safe" workplace—physically and psychologically. That covers the gamut of understanding and having an awareness of hostile environments that perpetrate incivilities, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and vengeful acts in the Workplace. Does your organization have the tools to prevent these escalating forms of workplace violence?

The collaborative team of Nagele, Knowles & Associates have years of experience and are extremely passionate about working with organizations to help create a better working environment. They know that prevention of bad behaviors like harassment and bullying is also about affecting culture and leadership. They know that dysfunctional behaviors within a workplace increase if they are left unchecked. The firm will assess where your organization currently is, and will offer a full range of programs, policy-creation, culture feedback, training and work-group dialog that addresses not only the laws, but the people treatment necessary for healthy, respectful workplaces, and provide the means to sustain a respectful environment.

It is worth noting that EPLI Insurance Carriers (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) will soon want to know that employers have taken steps to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence—including Preventing Sexual Harassment. That's why the team of Nagele, Knowles & Associates is also about addressing the physical side of preventing workplace violence—from the inside or the outside, so Situational Awareness Training and Active Shooter protocols play a prominent role in their offering. These experts can quickly identify the vulnerabilities in your organization from the inside culture erosion to external security. They are undoubtedly the trusted name for top-notch workplace violence prevention solutions. Robin Nagele, Partner, notes that everyone deserves to feel safe at work—psychologically and physically—and to have a "trained response" in the face of workplace violence. How vulnerable is your workplace? Do you know?

Company Partner, Claire Knowles, asks organizations to dig deeply to reveal what they think their culture actually is and where they'd really like it to be—it is that gap that tells the story. Richard Knowles adds that the Sexual Harassment Laws are important pieces of legislation, but unfortunately workplace violence, in total, is a widespread problem—as the EEOC report shows. To truly eradicate harassment and violence, it takes a change in the entire culture of an organization and in leadership expectations. Their free guide will give companies' advice and simple steps they can undertake to begin that change.

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PS: The firm of conducts a radio show every Saturday morning on BBM Global Network/Tune-in Radio. Each show is related to Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence. Over the course of 24 programs, the spectrum of Workplace Violence is covered. Listen in to this specific broadcast on
"Did You Not Get the Memo? Sexual Harassment is against the Law."

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