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Behind the Scenes with Vito Glazers, Founder of One of America's Fastest Growing Digital PR Firms

Leading content producer and advertising expert

    CHICAGO, IL, January 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Over the past 15 years, the 34 -year old founder of One World Publishing, Vito Glazers, has made some remarkable achievements in the media world. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a leading content producer and advertising expert who has been dedicated to bridging the gap between the creative arts and business. He started his career in digital marketing, which eventually took him on an incredible journey that included being part of several cutting edge news shows, record breaking reality TV shows, and more recently launched the opportunity to start producing his own films.

Glazers' current role as the leader of One World Publishing is to help people, brands and causes develop and tell their stories and build audiences through news stories, digital content, social media, as well as traditional media like radio, television and film. Momentum, ambition and relentless hunger to make it in life has helped Vito Glazers build one of the most reputable and largest digital public relations agencies in America. That said, it has not been all rosy for Vito, and that is well-evident from his humble beginnings.

Bornin the 80's near Chicago, IL, Vito Glazers had a diverse upbringing by immigrant parents. As a child in the late 80's and early 90's, he travelled through Central America where he learned to speak Spanish from his Guatemalan mother. He has received numerous recognitions for his community service and continues to serve and support the Illinois Masonic Charities. When asked where the idea for One World Publishing came from, Vito claims it started around 2009 after running digital marketing campaigns for years and realizing that the math side of the industry was becoming too robotic and competitive for him, and he sensed that since everyone was so focused on the metrics side of the business while ignoring the creative side, there would be an increase in demand for content and storytelling. "I made the decision to pivot more into content, not just for both the business opportunity and to save my sanity, but because I realized so much about succeeding in digital media relied on storytelling and building authority through traditional channels, but hardly anyone was paying any attention to that side of media."

A giant in the digital scene, Vito Glazers' digital public relations firm has transcended those roots to become a generalist digital publicity agency on steroids, a force in corporate, marketing, entertainment, tech, lifestyle, and brand strategy. Over the years, Vito has managed to help clients get featured in the world's top media outlets, resulting in solid brand mentions, awareness, traffic, and sales for the respective brands.

Currently, one trend that One World Publishing seems keen to cash in on is what Glazers refers to as third party media. This involves helping his clients position themselves as experts and influencers and become celebrities in front of their ideal audiences. Consequently, instead of a few people in Hollywood getting rich from the media, Glazers and his company are giving more creators an opportunity to earn a good living from generating content for smaller, but more engaged and loyal audiences.

Glazers has butted heads with many people along the way and admits that when he was younger, he might have gotten too aggressive and let his ambitions take things too far at times. On a recent podcast he recorded at Abram's Artist Agency in Los Angeles, he says "Everybody wants to be a disruptor, but don't forget that the people you are disrupting are not going to celebrate you, they are going to attack you and try to discredit everything you are doing." Given that content advertising and influencer marketing are highly disruptive and evolve rapidly, Glazers advises that any person or brand in the public eye take advantage of the tools at hand to tell their story and define their public narrative before their competitors define it for them. "If you have a story to tell, there has never been a more favorable time to grow and monetize an audience."

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