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Y2K is Back

As the Experts predicted

Peter de Jager - Hero or Doomsayer? The Y2K problem cost $300B globally to fix, and while none of the TEOTWAWKI (The end of the World as we Know it) hype came to pass - Y2K lives on in 2020

    TORONTO, ON, February 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Did you think you had heard the last of this non-event, hoax, and scam?

In January 2020 the Y2K problem returned (The truth is it never left)

1,000s of Cash registers in Poland stopped working
14,000 Parking Meters in NYC stopped accepting credit cards
95 trains in Hamburg, Germany stopped working

Peter de Jager wrote the ground-breaking article 'Doomsday 2000' for Computerworld in 1993, and operated the Year2000 website (now defunct).

In recognition of his international influence on the Y2K problem, The NY Stock Exchange named a Stock Index after him: The de Jager Year 2000 Index – while active, it outperformed the DOW.

He was recognized globally as the Y2K Expert, and spoke at 100s of conferences – including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 1999.

He was described by international media: Forbes, The NYT, Esquire, Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Globe and Mail and The FT of London - to name only a few – as everything from an under appreciated hero to a fear merchant and prophet of doom.

In mid-2000 de Jager having grown weary of the 'it was a non-event, hoax, and scam' narrative, he stopped giving interviews to the media.

In January 2020 he decided to reclaim the narrative of the Y2K story, and launched a Podcast: Y2K An Autobiography --- available on iTunes and Podbean.


The goal of the Podcast is to tell the story behind the hype.

- The deep complexity of Y2K that was impossible to describe in a 30 second media soundbite
- The Y2K problems that occurred decades before Jan 1st 2000
- The problems found when industry tested their systems
- The problems caused when trying to fix the problems found
- The problems that slipped through our best efforts – and the ones we fixed by spending $300B
- And… The Y2K problems that will occur decades after Jan 1st 2000

For more details contact Peter de Jager at or 1-905-792-8706

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