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Onclave Debuts Secure IoT® at RSA 2020 First, True Zero Trust Platform for Enterprises and Device OEMs

Secure IoT® is the industry's first solution to run and protect any "thing" while reducing customer costs.

Glen Gulyas, Onclave's CEO: "...we must stop firefighting - and start fireproofing... "IoT Security" won't fix this problem – so we built a solution that does".

    MCLEAN, VA, February 26, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Onclave Networks, Inc. surfaced from stealth mode this week at RSA 2020 to introduce Secure IoT®, a true Zero Trust Platform for all Operational Technologies (IoT/IIoT). The solution extends beyond detection to provide secure, easy to manage encrypted networks that run, protect, and monitor every "thing" – new or old. More than three years in development, the platform incorporates unique secure communication technology modeled after those used by the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Secure IoT capabilities allow deployment as an Enterprise solution for legacy devices; however, it can also be embedded into new devices. The platform utilizes commercial-off-the-shelf hardware gateways with Onclave technology embedded inside. Using gateways and bridges, Secure IoT creates new OT networks; cryptographically separated from IT networks, making it easier to manage, and do not require any third-party products to operate. Onclave filed patents for a dynamic cypher key management solution that employs a unique Blockchain design, enabling customers to embed in almost any OT device or system.

Glen Gulyas, Onclave's CEO, says: "Our goal is to change the way people build, manage and protect their networks – not just their Operational Technologies. To secure OT and the IT assets that share the wires, we must stop firefighting - and start fireproofing the enterprise. To win against nation-state attacks and protect lives, CIOs need solutions that specifically address OT. Tools and approaches designed for IT and rebranded as "IoT Security" won't fix this problem – so we built a solution that does."

Experts agree that there are now over 50 billion devices running on the Internet. They estimate there are over 90,000 operating systems currently in use. Gulyas went on to say: "…IT deals with data while OT manages and manipulates physical systems – let's honor the difference. With the explosion in IoT and the approach of 5G, we have a unique opportunity to build in security vs. bolting it on later."

Axis Communications, one of the world's leading suppliers of surveillance cameras, is the first company to offer an endpoint with Secure IoT "built-in". Wayne Dorris, head of Cyber Security and Special Projects for Axis said: "Our testing and testing by our customers of the Secure IoT solution as an enterprise and embedded endpoint solution has convinced us of their capability to deliver and maintain a zero-trust environment for operational technologies. Secure IoT enables our cameras (and all endpoints) to operate safely in a Zero Trust network without endangering – or being endangered by – IT systems."

Onclave will be making announcements regarding a list of integrators and manufacturers in the coming months that will be selling and implementing the Secure IoT platform. OEMs can embed Secure IoT firmware into their devices to gain secure, post-deployment connectivity without creating the vulnerabilities associated with VPNs and similar managed connections. This provides new options for OEMs, including offering any device to customers "as-a-service."

About Onclave Networks, Inc.
Onclave Networks, Inc. is a Virginia-based technology company offering Secure IoT through a channel of system integrators and device OEMs globally. Onclave was formed and patented their technology in 2016 and 2017 and recently came out of "quiet" mode with the release of their latest Secure IoT platform.

About Axis Communications, Inc.
Axis Communications, founded in 1984, with $1.2 billion in sales worldwide, has customers with hundreds of thousands of cameras and other security equipment installed. The company's sales are facilitated through a network of resellers, distributors, and integrators/installers. Axis offers a diversity of IT-based products include video surveillance, access control solutions, and audio solutions.

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