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BuySide Global Announces $176,000 in Scholarships for Veterans, Military Service Members, and their Families

The Salute to Veterans Trading Scholarship will be awarded to 100 U.S. veteran or active military reservists who want to learn how to trade the futures markets.

Each BuySide Global Salute to Veterans Scholarship is valued at $1,760 for a 1 year membership.

    SAN DIEGO, CA, March 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To honor all those who have served our country, BuySide Global has just announced that it will be giving away "Salute to Veterans" Trading Scholarships to 100 U.S. veteran or active military reservists who want to learn how to become successful traders. These trading scholarships will include the BuySide Global Software and full access to the BuySide Global Live Trading Room. Applications for the BuySide Global Salute to Veterans Scholarship are being accepted now through April 30th 2020. Each BuySide Global Salute to Veterans Scholarship is valued at $1,760 for a 1 year membership. BuySide Global will award up to 100 scholarships to new students throughout the country.

"BuySide Global has change my life and turned me into a profitable trader," said Steve Clements, a current BSG Member. "The software and Live Trading Room have been essential to my success."

BuySide Global is a SaaS Provider of both proprietary monitoring and alert software for traders in all major markets—complete with a live trading room. The BuySide Global trading methodology is built on software recognition of Institutional Buy and Sell programs that can be easily identified for the user.

BuySide Global allows you to monitor any market and any time frame you want to track. It pinpoints which markets are hot, and which are not. Since Institutional action precedes price movement, by following what Institutional Traders are doing, BuySide Global's software allows you to watch a move develop early on. With its scanning power, BuySide Global shows you in real-time where the money is flowing.

The premise behind BuySide Global is that Institutional Trader behavior leads price movement. It logically follows that if you have the ability to see what Institutional Traders are doing, you can have an idea of where the market will go. BuySide Global was developed to accomplish this, and to provide you with different ways to look into Institutional Trader behavior. Monitor what the "smart money" is doing.

Institutional Traders are those who trade on behalf of others and include hedge funds, investment banks, brokerage firms, commercial banks, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and large investment advisory firms. They trade large blocks of shares and therefore, command a better price and literally move the market. An individual investor selling a small number of shares has no influence on the market compared to Institutional Traders looking to move hundreds of thousands or millions of shares through high frequency trading, algorithms, flash orders, and dark pools.

BuySide Global networks with Ninja Trader and Kinetick to offer subscribers a comprehensive system of software packages, platforms, and data feeds; furthermore, the in-house software can perform with a myriad of other integrations, such as eSignal, TDAmeritrade, and Schwab, conclusively making it an excellent value to traders of all kinds.

The BuySide Global Salute to Veterans Scholarship is open to all spouses or children of U.S. military veterans, active-duty, or reservists. While multiple scholarships will be awarded, this is a competitive program, and scholarships will be awarded based on select criteria. Please apply at

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