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Liberty Auto Protection And How They Ranked As One Of The Nation's Leading Extended Service Plan Providers

If you're considering Auto protection, consider Liberty Auto Protection

    OCEAN, NJ, June 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In modern society, the auto protection plan is an important cover that helps car owners and drivers have peace of mind. It is expensive to do repairs from the pocket on any vehicle defects, especially when you had not planned for it. For this reason, Liberty Auto protection provides a diverse auto protection plan.

Why Liberty Auto Protection is ranked on top

The company is ranked as the nation's leading extended service plan providers since they have been in the market for a long time. They address all the customer needs by offering various protection plans. They range from basic to comprehensive.

Furthermore, clients can connect with Liberty Auto Protection through their phone number 800-599-9557. The customer care desk is reliable, serving clients 24/7. The plans are also offered at affordable costs, therefore, attracting more customers.

Connecting with this company guarantees vehicle protection for many years, among other services. These plans are designed to cover different vehicles, budgets, and drivers. Everyone finds what they are looking for in this company.

Insight on Liberty Automotive Protection

Customer satisfaction so the company's major priority. After making a call to Liberty automotive protection, the client is directly connected with an automotive protection plan expert. After extensive discussions, the customer receives an insight into the best option for the vehicle.

Customers receive a flexible plan and payment option; therefore, they do not feel pressured to pay for the service. There are straightforward claims processing systems as well as knowledgeable support from the staff. Customers also get full protection from A-rated insurance with over three decades of experience.

Other benefits from Liberty automotive protection include an unlimited number of claims, trip interruption protection, transferable coverage, rental cars, lockout assistance, and roadside assistance, to name a few. Before fully committing to the company, people receive a free toll from the company's website.

There is a toll-free telephone number where people ask questions regarding the best option and receive advice from experts. Liberty Automotive Protection plans include powertrain plan, basic plan, perfect plan, premier plan, and royal select plan.

Powertrain plan

People with plans to keep the vehicle for a long time recommend this plan. It covers expensive cars drive axles, transmission, and engine, which is the critical component of every car. This protection plan extends even after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Classic plan

It includes a full coverage program covering major repair bills. Drivers now have peace of mind knowing that the engine, transmission, air conditioning, and electrical parts are protected. It's a national coverage that comes with other benefits.

Basic plan

It is highly recommended for people with older vehicles. This plan protects against expensive repair bills. Old cars are prone to damage more than new ones. Therefore, they need more protection. It covers all internal engine parts; thus, people can now drive with peace of mind.

The other benefits of this plan include travel expenses protection, rental car, national coverage, and the fact that it's affordable.

Royal select plan

This plan is ideal for new vehicles covering an extensive list of components. Once the car breaks down, this plan continues to cover even after the warranty given by the manufacturer expires. It is sold at an affordable price, and Liberty Automotive protection experts will help you go through the given terms.

Vehicles provide owners with the freedom to move from one area to the other. However, maintenance costs can be high and stressful when people don't have a protection plan. Liberty Automotive Protection has over 30 years of experience providing various protection plans.

Besides the affordability of these protection plans, Liberty Auto protection is known for its superior customer service. They also offer quality plans with different benefits. The company has earned a legacy nationwide as the leading auto protection service provider.

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